2014 KDC – Kimberley Diamond Cup : results & video

During the past weekend,from the 2nd to the 5th october at the Kumba skate plaza in Kimberley (South Africa) was held the Kimberley Diamond Cup World Championships. The contest was on street, vert and mega ramp. Here are the videos and results from the weekend. Awesome weekend for the Dutch skater Nassim Guammaz that sensationally knocked out Nyjah Huston already in the second round of the finals with a completely insane rides.
Kimberley Diamond Cup is part of the World Skateboarding Grand Prix’s mission to provide a positive activity that inspires youths, gets them active, keeps them off the streets, away from crime and creates a new generation of athletes.

official page www.kimberleydiamondcup.com

 fb page www.facebook.com/KimberleyDiamondCup

Street man:
1. Kelvin Hoefler, Brasil
2. Tommy Fynn, Australia
3. Louie Lopez, USA
4. Nassim Guammaz, Netherlands
5. Nyjah Huston, USA
6. Micky Papa, USA
7. Tyson Bowerbank, USA
8. TJ Rogers, Canada
9. Matt Berger, Canada
10. Tom Knox, UK
11. Jeremy Knibbs, USA
12. Diamini Diamini, South Africa

Street – girls:
1. Samarria Breward, USA
2. Alexis Sablone, USA
3. Pamela Rosa, Brasil
4. Lacey Baker, USA
5. Rachel Reinhard, USA
6. Alana Smith, USA
7. Julia Brueckler, Austria
8. Marisa Del Santo, USA
9. Kat Williams, Australia
10. Melissa Williams, South Africa
11. Vanessa Torres, USA
12 Elissa Steamer, USA
13. Kelly Murray, South Africa

1. Jimmy Wilkins, USA
2. Sandro Dias, Brasil
3. Elliot Sloan, USA
4. Andy MacDonald, USA
5. Pierre Luc Gagnon, Canada
a 6. Rony Gomes, Brasil
7. Juno Schwan, USA
8. Italo Penarrubia, Brasil
9. lay Kreiner, USA
10. Sam Becket, UK
11. Mitchie Brusco, USA
12. Marcelo Bastos, Brasil
13. Trey Wood, USA
14. Egard Vovo Perier, Brasil

Big Air:
1. Jono Schwan, USA
2. Elliot Sloan, USA
3. Clay Kreiner, USA
4. Mitchie Brusco, USA
5.Trey Wood, USA
6. Andy MacDonald, USA
7. Edgard Vovo Perier, Brasil
8. Marcelo Bastos, Brasil
9. Sandro Dias, Brasil
10. Italo Penarrubia, Brasil
11. Rony Gomes, Brasil

Mini Mega Best Trick:
1. Alana Smith, USA (First girl doing backflip in mega ramp!)


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