International Flowgrind Contest 2015 – SLOVENIA

From the 8th to the 10th May at the Goskatepark in Nova Gorica ,Slovenia will be held the biggest skateboard contest on the Balkans. An international skateboard contest with the money fund of 2000€! The contest will be divided in 2 categories: sponsored and not sponsored. On Friday the park will be ready for the practice , on saturday they will have the qualifies and on sunday the finals. On friday there will be also a miniramp session at Mostovna with concerts.

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El Santo skateboards “Therapeutic Tour” : video – ITALY

El Santo skateboards Therapeutic Tour

El Santo skateboards Therapeutic Tour2
Here is “Therapeutic Tour” the new video from the italian skateboard company El Santo skateboards in collaboration with the italian magazine Share Skateboarding filmed during the mini tour in the Nord East Italy and Slovenia.
skaters: Daniele Galli, Fabio Colombo, Jonathan Gallo,Luca Crestani, Marco Lambertucci ,Mattia Turco

El Santo skateboards Therapeutic Tour3

360 skate CUP 1st round : results & video – SLOVENIA

On the 4th october at the skatepark in Lucija (Slovenia) was held the 1st round of the 360 skate CUP 2014/2015. The contest was Goofy VS Regular. Here are the video report and the results.

info , photos and all the results click the link below

RESULTS: 360 skate cup 2014/2015
1st round : Goofy VS Regular
Lucija – skatepark
0-12 (beginners)
1 Tai Kussel (Goofy) 70 pts
2 Emanuel ??? (Goofy) 60 pts
3 Matija Benčič (Regular) 55 pts

13-16 ( & 0-12 sponsored)
1 Rene Torkar (Goofy) 70 pts
2 Tim Kussel (Regular) 60 pts
3 Andrej Stanič (Regular) 55 pts

17-25 ( & +25 sponsored)
1 Martin Lazar (Goofy) 70 pts
2 Milan Stupar (Regular) 60 pts
3 Orest Heryliv (Regular) 55 pts

26-99+ (old school)
1 Luca Bartole (Goofy) 70 pts
2 Luka Rejc (Goofy) 60 pts
3 Aleš Šimon (Goofy) 55 pts


360 skate CUP :1st round Lucija – SLOVENIA

On the 4th october at the skatepark in Lucija, Slovenia will be held the 1st round of the 360 skate CUP (slovenian skateboard championship)
The contest will be formed from qualifications of 3 min, and finals for top goofy and regular from the qualify. The contest will be a part of the skate and have fun day program.

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