Extreme Barcelona 2014 : results – SPAIN

extreme barcelona

On the 28th and 29th june in Spain was held the Extreme Barcelona! An International Action Sports Cup . Skateboard, BMX, FMX, MTB, Scooter, Inline, Longboard and Indoor Skydiving.The American Evan Smith won the skateboard street contest. The Dutch Tim Zom was he best of the European riders! The Girls contest winner was Candy Jacobs that finished in front of the argentinian Eugenia Ginepro and the brasilian Leticia Bufoni! Here are the results

1 Evan Smith (USA)
2 Tristan Funkhouser (USA)
3 Milton Martínez (ARG)
4 Tim Zom (NED)
5 Adrien Bulard (FRA)
6 Cyril Jackson (USA)
7 Danny León (ESP)
8 Sandro Moral (ARG)
9 Diego Cano (ESP)
10 Neverton Casella (BRA)

more results HERE

1 Jacobs Candy(NED)
2 Eugenia Ginepro (ARG)
3 Leticia Bufoni (BRA)
4 Heloise Wathelet (BEL)
5 Kristina Westad (NOR)
6 Kate Shengeliya (RUS)

detailed girls results HERE

official page with photos and videos HERE


Junioren NK skateboarden 2014 : results – NETHERLANDS

nk junior 2014
On the 28th and 29th june at the Skateland Rotterdam indoor skatepark based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands was held the Junioren NK skateboarden 2014 (Junior Dutch skateboard championship). Here are the results

TOP 10 11-16 years old:
1. Lex van der Does (14)
2. Pjotr Meerding (15)
3. Pascal Moelaert (12)
4. Luca Hendriks (14)
5. Magic van Heeswijk (14)
6. Xuly McCoy (12)
7. Miguel de Haas (15)
8. Caspar Haddouchi (16)
9. Ivo Hoogenraad (13)
10. David Bekkers (12)

TOP 3 0 – 10 years old:
1. Jair Gravenberch
2. Mats van de Meer
3. Keet Oldenbeuving

more results HERE

Best Trick Skate Night
-16 years
1. Pascal Moelaert – Feeble Varial Flip op de flatbar
2. Julius Carli – 50-50 double flip out
3. Miquel de Haas – Feeble Fs big spin op de flatbar

+ 16 years
1. Shajen Willems – Bs Tail 360 shuvit van de ledge
2. Woody Hoogendijk – Hardflip Revert van de stairs
3. Robbin de Wit – Switch FS tailslide flip out van de ledge



Street League Skateboarding 2014 – Stop One Chicago : results & videos

sls nyjah
This weekend in Chicago was held the Stop One of the 2014 SLS Nike SB World Tour! Nyjah won the contest after battling it out with Luan Oliveira and Shane O’Neill in the Final. It all came down to the last few attempts in the Control Section. Awesome fifth place for Bastien Salabanzi!

Final Standings:
1st Nyjah Huston
2nd Luan Oliveira
3rd Shane O’Neill
4th Torey Pudwill
5th Bastien Salabanzi
6th Paul Rodriguez
7th Matt Berger
8th Tommy Sandoval

photos and videos HERE

Blast the Big One 2014 : day 1 results – ITALY

blast the big one2014

Like every year Blast!Distribution organize the Blast the Big One 2014 , 2 days event at the Society Skate Plaza in Seregno. This year is taking place the 5th edition! The 1st day was the Impact Contest , a “normal” contest for reciving 1 year sponsorship from Almost skateboards . The winner was Michele Mauri! Today the second day of competition is for the best trick over the big three blocks in the skatepark..it’s gonna be crazy. Here are the results from the Impact contest!

1 Michele Mauri
2 Filippo Cilia
3 Munir Benchenna
4 Adalberto Rinaldi
5 Fabio Ferreira
6 Marco Iaria
7 Federico Sala
8 Davide Holzknecht
9 Eugenio Nardi
10 Kelvin Nwachukwu

more results and photos HERE



Flip skateboards – Europe Tour 2014

flip tourflip netherlands tour
On the 2nd of july the Flip skateboards team will be in Cologne, Germany for the European tour. On the 12 july will be at the Westblaak Skatepark in Rotterdam,Netherlands .
skaters: Tom Penny ,Arto Saari , Denny Pham ,Louie Lopez, Curren Caples, Matt Berger, Ben Nordberg, Alec Majerus

more info HERE


Milk Skateboards in Lisbon : video – UK/PORTUGAL

Milk Skateboards in Lisbon2

Here is the The full edit about the recent trip to Lisbon, Portugal from the English Milk skateboards, enjoy!
skaters: Sam Hayter, ,Harley Miller,Charlie Munro , Nathen Farrow,Justin Rawnsley,Jordan Thackeray , Jasper Pegg
Filmed by Luke Petty, Mark Radders & Elliott Simmons. Edited by Luke Petty.

Milk Skateboards in Lisbon