Mistrovství ČR ve skateboardingu 2013 : final results & video – CZECH REP.

mcr 2013
The past weekend (28 and 29 september) at the Mystic skatepark in Štvanice , Prague was held the Mistrovství ČR ve skateboardingu – Czech Skateboarding Championship 2013. The event was divided in 2 contests Street and Bowl. In the street the 2013 Czech Champion has become the Slovak Rišo Tury , that won in front of Tomáš Stejskal and the 2 times czech champion Lukáš Daněk. Klára Kašparová has become the Czech Champion in the girls category! Richard won also the Best trick contest with a varial flip tailslide flip out

Mistrovství ČR 2013

1 Richard Tury
2 Tomáš Stejskal
3 Lukáš Daněk
4 Martin Pek
5 Braňo Mrváň

1 Martin Jurášek
2 Marek Čejchan
3 Matyáš Volek
4 Michal Musil
5 Jakub Halfar

1 Klára Kašparová
2 Petra Hrašová
3 Christine Liptáková
4 Michaela Šmatová

Best trick : Richard Tury – varial flip tailslide flip out

NK Skateboarden 2013 : final results & video – NETHERLANDS

The past  weekend , from the 27 to the 29 september, at the Ladybird Skatepark in Tilburg (Netherlands) was held the NK SKateboarden 2013 (Nederlands Kampioenschap – Dutch Skateboard Championship ). Daan van der Linden won the contest and has became the 2013 Dutch Skateboard Champion!

NK Skateboarden 2013 results (top15)
1 Daan van der Linden
2 Douwe Macaré
3 Woody Hoogendijk
4 Sjoerd Vissers
5 Rob Maatman
6 Leon Wolters
7 Robbin DeWit
8 Tim Zom
9 Billy Hoogendijk
10 Bart Bulkman
11 Teun Janssen
12 Pim Wouters
13 Roel Krabbendam
14 Rachid Addou
15 Jelle Maatman

NK Skateboarden 2013 : qualify results – NETHERLANDS

This weekend , from the 27 to the 29 september, at the Ladybird Skatepark in Tilburg (Netherlands) is taking place the NK SKateboarden 2013 (Nederlands Kampioenschap – Dutch Skateboard Championship ). The yesterday’s qualify are over and the only 13 years old Bart Bulkman was the best in front of Daan Van Der Linden , Tim Zom and Rob Maatman!

qualified skaters:
1 Bart Bulkman
2 Daan Van Der Linden
3 Tim Zom
4 Rob Maatman
5 Bert Roeterdink
6 Niek Zandstra
7 Tycho Henskes
8 Pjotr Meerding
9 Wessel Oelen
10 Remco Stolze
11 Roel Krabbendam
12 Sico Djerwor
13 Jimmy Damen
14 Rachid Addou
15 Stern Van Der Heljden
16 Donovan Jansen
17 Tjerk Oosting
18 Reinder Jochams
19 Teun Janssen
20 Leon Wolters

directly in the quarter finals:
Robbin De Wit
Douwe Macare
Robian Fifield
Woody Hoogendijk
Nick Bax
Billy Hoogendijk
Sjoerd Visser
Hessel Van Der Veer
Jelle Maatman
Pim Wouters


Young Blood 4th stage Goryachy Klyuch : results & video – RUSSIA

YOUNG BLOOD 4th stage
The past weekend in Goryachy Klyuch (Горячий Ключ) was held the fourth stage of the Young Blood series. Here are the results and video!

1 Sema Kutuzov (Сёма Кутузов)
2 Evgeny Popov (Евгений Попов)
3 Oleg Kozjavkin (Олег Козявкин)

photos are here


Fabio Montagner after the Italian Championship Title – ITALY

fabio montagner osimo cis 2013-2

On the 21 and 22 september the Osimo Skatepark hosts the annual stop of the Italian Championship of Skateboarding (CIS). Fabio Montagner has became for another time the Italian Champion . I have asked him a few questions about the contest. The results are HERE
Fabio is sponsored by : Strange skateboards , Blast!Distribution (Theeve trucks, Autobhan Wheels, Black Panthers) ,Emerica(Italy) , Dickies (Italy)

This past weekend you were at the skatepark of Osimo for the “last” stage of the CIS, where you won again the title of national champion. How was the competition (organization, riders)?
The contest is always a nice moment where it meets the scene, I honestly expected more crowd as audience ,because the CIS was organized in single stage , however, goes well we had fun anyway!!

Which rider has surprised you the most?
Well, for sure Matteo Franceschin super stylish with a thousand tricks in switch . I have never seen a guy like that out of nowhere did sw bigspin bs board and sw fs 270 to fs board on the rail

With which of your tricks you are most proud of?
More tham proud I am amazed that on Saturday in qualifying run I closed flip bs 360 on the bump to bump … I did not believe

Funnies part of the weekend?
Well , surely the party at the skatepark in the evening

projects for oct / nov?
Well certainly I will film the last tricks for my part , so as to get it out and you never know some trips!

fabio montagner osimo cis 2013-1

Un paio di domande a Fabio Montagner dopo la vittoria al CIS 2013!
Lo scorso weekend eri allo skatepark di Osimo per l’ ultima tappe del CIS , dove hai vinto di nuovo il titolo di campione nazionale. Come e stato il contest (organizzazione, riders)?
Il contest sempre un bel momento dove si riunisce la scena, sinceramente mi aspettavo piu gente visto che il cis era organizzato in tappa unica pero va be ci siam divertiti lo stesso!

Chi ti ha stupito di piu tra i riders?
beh dia sicuro Matteo Franceschin super stiloso e mille trick in switch se no un ragazzo mai visto che cosi dal nulla ha fatto sw bigspin bs board e sw fs 270 to fs board dal rail

con quale struttura hai avuto piu “confidenza” ?
mah non so alle gare provi mille volte i trick fin che non ho abbastanza confidenza con ogni struttura

Di quale dei tricks che hai chiuso vai piu fiero?
piu che fiero mi son stupito che il sabato nella run di qualifica ho chiuso bs flip 360 sul bump to bump non ci credevo

uno dei momenti piu’ divertenti?
beh sicuramente il party la sera li al park

progetti per oct/nov ?
beh sicuramente filmero gli ultimi trick per la mia part cosi da farla uscire e non si sa mai qualche viaggetto!