interview with Artur Nilov – LITHUANIA / UK

You are a Lithuanian skater that moved in Latvia and now in England , not so long ago. Which is the 1st thing that impressed you at the beginning in England?
First of all I was impressed of British accent, some people talking so fast and having such a weird accent so I couldn’t understand them at all.. and I was really impressed that rumor “There is no cute girls in UK” was so damn true ! ;D

About your skateboarding carrer… When you have started , why .
I started skating when I was 14 years old, I got my first board from the cheapest shop in town, all what I remember then was logo of big shark and written Bobby Pulio.. I started skating ecause of Tony Hawk game on PS.. I thought why not to try to skate in reality.. and I am really happy that I started skating in such young ages..

Your “favorite” skater ?
It’s really difficult to answer on this question.. there is loads of good skaters, so it’s really difficult to choose.. it’s like when you like eating apples and bananas, today you like apples but tomorrow you like more bananas..
p.s Shane O’Neil  and Luan Oliveira for me probably best skaters, I really enjoy watching how they skate..

Your “favorite” skate photographer ?
Ohh that’s probably my old friend “Maksim Kalanep” his pictures are best for me..

Your “favorite” filmer ?
There is one Russian filmed, who started his career by making skate-videos.. and now he is working as a film director in United States, his name is Alexandr Khudokon, for me he is probably the best filmer.. at least he motivates me in my filming career :))

Your favorite movie ?
I watched loads of amazing films in my life, can’t choose the best one, but I really like all parts of “SAW” film and I really like “Seven Pounds” drama film with Will Smith.

favorite skate movie ?
My favorite skate film will be “Pretty Sweet” by G1RL and Chocolate.. this film has really good filming, editing, ideas of creating pieces together.. I wish there could be more skate films like this..


When and why you have started this competition “Wolves Battle” ?
I started this competition on 10th of May I think, but Idea of this contest came much sooner.. I wanted to get more experience in filming/editing by filming somebody.. not many people this time like to go filming and killing themselves.. I don’t like filming on street, because you can waste all day and film 1 trick or even anything.. so skate park would be the best choice to film more tricks, try more angles as you can, each part/episode would have different editing,  in one word – experience. As more experience you get – more good it is, doesn’t matter what you film.

Footwork Skateboards is another of your projects? tell me more about it?
Footwork Skateboards is a Russian Skateboard Company, I skated on their boards for a couple of times and I really like it, so basically I contacted them and ask if they would like to help and sponsor my “Wolves Battle” event.. what I like the most in those boards because they unique.. most people wont understand me but footwork boards they have same size of nose and tail.. 95% of skateboard companies have tails smaller than nose.. but it’s really good to skate when you will that both tail and nose are equal..


About you Cinematography and Photography carrer. You have filmed some very good clips last year …after the Wolves Battle , do you have some other projects in your mind for this year or for the next?
I am studying on BA filmmaking, so yeah I will try to do some new projects all the time, I will try to get as much works as I can to make a good portfolio for my future  career in moving image area..
I am working on 3 scripts at the moment, all they are short films, 2 of them are not about skateboarding, and 3rd one is about a guy who get his first sponsorship, it’s a really simple story, nothing special.. but I will try to get good film angles, editing, sound and light as well.. so for the first film too much work to do..


some SKATE VIDEOS directed by Artur

“Wolves Battle” video competition – UK

wolves battle

“WOLVES BATTLE” text by Artur Nilov

“Wolves Battle” is a series skate competition created by ARTUR NILOV.

Competition was held in Wolverhampton Wednesfield Skatepark in the UK.

“Finally I filmed the last Episode of “Wolves Battle” competition and can have a little break”. In this competition was participating 7 riders from UK, each skater had only 3 hours of filming in one day, unfortunately some riders get injuries during filming.. This competition was sponsored by Footwork Skateboards, Skate Bag, Four Star, Lakai Footwear, &Skate – Skateshop and Form Distribution companies.

I would like to thank,,, for helping viewing this competition to people from all over Europe. Next year I am planning on filming “Wolves Battle 2”, where I will try to gain more riders from all over UK, to get more people who would be interested in this unusual event.

Thank you all who helped me with this series competition.


I’ve put all 7 Episodes of “Wolves Battle” on my official website on the main page, for those who didn’t watch them or who is interested in watching them again..


There will be 3 prize places, 1 favorite episode/skater.. The first 3 episodes/skaters who will get the largest number of votes of audience will be the winners..1 Person can vote only for 1 Episode/Skater.

Please follow to the link bellow, subscribe to ARTUR NILOV’s official facebook page and vote for your favorite “Wolves Battle” Episode =)

Voting will last and END at 12pm on Sunday the 30th of June.

Prize ceremony will be on Monday the 1st of July at 2pm in &SKATE Shop (35 Snow Hill, WV24AG, Wolverhampton).

VOTE HERE and Watch the videos HERE

or below