Martin Pek for Orion Trucks : welcome video – CZECH REP.

Martin Pek for Orion Trucks
Martin Pek is the new member of the Orion Trucks family . Check the welcome clip!

Alex DeCunha 2014 winter edit for Jart & Quicksilver and Bucks : video – UK

Alex DeCunha 2014 winter edit

Here is the newest video from the young English talent Alex DeCunha. He presents his winter edit for Jart skateboards & Quicksilver and Bucks Boarding center.

Filmed and edited by Andrius Burba

DC Shoes in Asia featuring Madars Apse : video

The DC team was in Asia. They have skated 5 towns: Manila, Singapore, Jakarta, Beijing and Shanghai . Here is the tour edit. Featuring also the Latvian Madars Apse!

skaters: Nyjah Huston, Chris Cole, Matt Miller, Wes Kremer, Cyril Jackson, Mikey Taylor, Mike Mo, Madars Apse, Tommy Fynn and Jake Hayes.

Skate Agenda Online biweekly magazine : nr.2


Today it’s out my second issue. In this second magazine you will find only new stuff. A few days ago i have published the first issue of my magazine. I decided to publish the second already now , so it will falls in the month of January. Seems perfect since I have to publish 2 issues per month…the next issue will be out in mid-February 🙂
Mikolaj Baranowski about his company Locals Skateboards
Volcom Road Tested Ramp Jam 2014
Simple Session from the 2010 to the 2014
Ruben Rodrigues about his videopart BattleField

keeping it real and support the European skateboarding scene!

Skate Agenda 2/2014


Fernando Bramsmark and Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg bonus part from “Coping Mechanism : video – SWEDEN

coping mechanism
Here you have a special bonus part from “Coping Mechanism” with Fernando Bramsmark and Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg by Philip Evans.

Coping Mechanism is a documentary about the unique skateboarders of the Swedish city of Malmö and how they build their community and spots on their own terms and with their own hands, all with a special support network from a city that sees the social value that a strong skater-run scene has to offer.
Directed by Philip Evans and shot in a combination of HD and vintage Super 8, Coping Mechanism stars John Magnusson, Emma Lindgren, Pontus Alv, Mattias Hallén, Will Taylor, John Dahlquist, Dave Toms, Daniel Grönwall, Daniel Hakansson, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Fernando Bramsmark, Gustav Eden, Jacke Ovgren and many more.

more info HERE