Vert Wars 2014 in live streaming!!! – UK


On the 31st october and 1st november at the Adrenaline Alley Park in Corby, England will be held the Vert Wars 2014!!!
The event will be also in live streaming!

more info on the official page




PlayStation 4 COS Cup 2014 – 5th round Rust : final results & video – GERMANY


From the 24th to the 26th october at the Europa-Park in Rust was held the 5th round of the Club of Skaters CUP (COS CUP). Here are the results and the video report by Monster Skateboard Magazin!

1. Alex Mizurov
2. Jost Arens
3. Tom Kleinschmidt
4. Thomas Graf
5. Florian Westers

Best Trick:
Alex Mizurov – Switch Laserflip Manual
cos cup rust 2014


photo gallery and more HERE

Teenage Riot 2014 : results & video – NETHERLANDS

teenage riot 2014
On the 19th of October at the Skateland skatepark in Rotterdam was held the 3rd edition of the Teenage Riot! Teenage Riot is the biggest skateboard contest for kids in Netherlands and is bigger every year. The contest is for kids aged 0-16, both sponsored and unsponsored, with a division into 5 age categories! Here you have the video report and the results.

STREET results

0-10 years old
1 Francisco Noah
2 Max Berguin
3 Mats Van der Meer
4 Eymeric Bauduin
5 Keet Oldenbeuving

11-13 without sponsor
1 Ivo Hoogenraad
2 Rysan Marien
3 Jair Gravenberch
4 Xuly McCoy
5 Guillermo Sparing

14-16 without sponsor
1 Stern van der Heijden
2 Lorenzo Nicola
3 Aron Donkoh
4 Bodhi Bouwman
5 Shane Dealing

11-13 sponsored
1 Jip Koorevaar
2 Pascal Moelaert
3 Floris Houdijk
4 Julius Carli
5 Bodien Kagenaar

14-16 sponsored
1 Jeff Smit
2 Kenzo de Witte
3 Lex van der Does
4 Pjotr Meerding
5 Marley Baron

0-10 years old
1 Elvis Merling Meijer
2 Max Berguin
3 Bobby van Elten
4 Eymeric Bauduin
5 Mats van der Meer

11-13 years old
1 Jip Koorevaar
2 Pascal Moelaert
3 Ivo Hoogenraad
4 Floris Houdijk
5 David Beekers

14-16 years old
1 Pjots Meerding
2 Raphael Detienne
3 Magic van Heeswijk
4 Samuel de Graef
5 Marley Baron




World Cup Skateboarding Moscow 2014: results – RUSSIA

wcs moscow 2014
On the 25th october at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow was held the World Cup Skateboarding Moscow for the 2nd time .The World Cup Skateboarding is an international series of events, which includes the most important and most prestigious skateboard contests from around the world. The winner of the 2014 edition is the Russian Egor Golubov!

1 Egor Golubev (RUS)
2 Kelvin Hoefler (BRA)
3 Dave Bachinski (USA)
4 Richad Tury (SVK)
5 Kostia Kabanov (RUS)
6 Dima Dvoinishnikov (RUS)