NK Skateboarden / Dutch Skateboard Championship 2014 : results & video – NETHERLANDS

nk skateboarden
From the 26th ot the 28th september at the Area 51 – Skatepark Eindhoven was held the NK Skateboarden / Dutch Skateboard Championship 2014

photo and more HERE

Finals Street
1. Sjoerd Vissers
2. Douwe Macaré
3. Daan van der Linden
4. Bart Buikman
5. Tristan Koelewijn

Finals Bowl
1. Daan van der Linden
2. Nick Bax
3. Tim Bijsterveld
4. Robian Fifield
5. Pjotr Meerding

Monster Best Trick (Stadhuisplein Banken)
1. Pim de Rijk – FS tailslide bigspin heelflip out
2. Donny Jansen – Heelflip crooked grind
3. Douwe Macaré – Nose manual nollie kickflip out




Skate Cup Chrudim 2014 : results – CZECH REP.

skate cup chrudim 2014
On the 20th september in Chrudim , Czech Republic was held the Skate Cup Chrudim – Street Meeting 2014. Here are the results

1. Jakub Tichy
2. Milan Fantl
3. David Horak
4. Tomas Zavrel
5. Petr Hajn

official page with a photo gallery HERE



Volcom WITP 2014 European finals : results & video – SPAIN

The Volcom European WITP (Wild in the parks) Championships final event was held at the Plaza de Armas skatepark in Sevilla , Spain on the 27th of September 2014!
Here are the results.

1. Gard Hvaara
2. Octavio Trindade
3. Jean Phillippe Jonathan
4. Christopher Khan
5. Carlos Neira

1. Øyvind Svensen
2. Renaud Anthony
3. Robin Fournier
4. Johannes Sundby Aukan
5. Fernando Andres

14 and under
1. Oskar Hjellegjerde
2. Daniel Pedersen
3. Amiel Komicki
4. Dobourg Romain
5. Marcus Heimdal

report with photos HERE

World Cup Skateboarding Moscow 2014 – RUSSIA

wcs moscow 2014
On the 25th october at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow will be held the World Cup Skateboarding Moscow for the 2nd time .The World Cup Skateboarding is an international series of events, which includes the most important and most prestigious skateboard contests from around the world. WCSK8 is the only organization in the world that supports the worldwide competitiveness of professional skateboarders and the leading single top athletes to determine their participation in a particular event. In 2014 WCSK8 calendar includes such major world events like Dew Tour, Vans Bowl-a -Rama, Ceara World Cup, Far & High, Mystic Cup, NASS, Simple Session, as well as the most anticipated stage of this year – Moscow World Cup Skateboarding.

official fb page HERE

Teenage Riot 2014 : all the informations – NETHERLANDS

teenage riot 2014
On the 19th of October at the Skateland skatepark in Rotterdam will be held the 3rd edition of the Teenage Riot! Teenage Riot is the biggest skateboard contest for kids in Netherlands and is bigger every year. The contest is for kids aged 0-16, both sponsored and unsponsored, with a division into 5 age categories!

11-13(not sponsored)
11-13 (sponsored)
14-16 (not sponsored)

official page HERE

teenage riot 2014 -2

Czech skateboard Championship 2014 : results – CZECH REP.

MČR skateboardingu 2014

On the 26th and 27th september at the Mystic skatepark in Štvanice,Prague was held the 18th edition of the Czech skateboard Championship – Mistrovství ČR v skateboardingu. There was the bowl and street contest. Here are the results and videos.

1. Maxim Habanec
2. Martin Pek
3. Tomáš Stejskal
4. Rišo Tury
5. Arnošt Ceral
6. Lukáš Daněk
7. Aleš Jež

street girls:
1. Klára Kašparová
2. Petra Hrašová
3. Julie Šenkeříková

1. Martin Jurášek
2. Ondra Filípek
3. Honza Kesler

street best trick:
Jirka Hronek (Switch frontside flip 360 through the Central pyramid)