Street League and X-Games Munich : final results & video – GERMANY

chris cole Xgames Munich

From the 27 to the 30 june in Munich Germany was held the 4th stop of the X-Games 2013. Chris Cole won his 1st ever Street League at X Games ! This was the Stop 4 at X Games Munich. Up next is Stop 5 in Portland Oregon July 14th! Youness Amrani was out after the Prelim Heat 2. Bastien Salabanzi after the Prelim Heat 1.
Street League TOP 5
1 Chris Cole
2 Paul Rodriguez
3 Luan Oliveira
4 Sean Malto
5 Torey Pudwill
complete results HERE
Big Air TOP 5
1 Bob Burnquist
2 Elliot Sloan
3 Tom Schaar
4 Jagger Eaton
5 Rony Gomes
complete results HERE

Vert TOP 5
1 Bucky Lasek
2 Pierre-Luc Gagnon
3 Mitchie Brusco
4 Sandro Dias
5 Bob Burnquist
complete results HERE

1 Curren Caples
2 Pedro Barros
3 Ben Hatchell
4 Brad McClain
5 Rune Glifberg
complete results HERE

 Watch the video HERE

Excelent Mystic Sk8 Cup 2013 : Final Results & video – CZECH REP.

mystic cup 2013

The winner of the 19th edition of the Mystic Sk8 Cup (World Cup Skateboarding) is the Japanese Ryo Sejiri from Tokyo. Austen Seaholm was amazing as always but finished 2nd in front of Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler. A good 4th place for the Belgian Axel Cruysberghs. The best Czech rider was Maxim Habanec that finished 5th. Good runs also for Roger Silva . Tomáš Vintr was amazing with a crooked down the big rail during the run. Tim Zom was also down on the big rail during the jam with a 5-0 and nosegrind and some good tricks during the best trick down the big rail ! Nollie Crooks master Martin Pek finished 11th. The only 15 years old French Aurelien Giraud was incredible with some big tricks during the jam session and in the best trick session. He landed a Hardflip and backside flip down the press bank and landed 360flip down the big stairs. The best trick was the Flip Crooked by Kelvin Hoefler landed on the first try!!!
In the Bowl Finals Greyson Fletcher killed it and won the 2013 Mystic sk8 cup edition!!!frontside blunt to noseblunt frontside on the wallride!!!
Danny Leon was 2nd and Dannie Carlsen 3rd .
Leticia Bufoni won the Girls Finals with some big tricks and became the Mystic Girl Champion 2013 . Second placed was the 13 years old Brazilian Pamela Rosa , 3rd the Dutch Candy Jacobs!

podium STREET
1 Ryo Sejiri /JPN
2 Austen Seaholm /USA
3 Kelvin Hoefler / BRA

1 Greyson Fletcher /USA
2 Danny Leon /SPN
3 Dannie Carlsen /DEN

1 Leticia Bufoni /BRA
2 Pamela Rosa /BRA
3 Candy Jacobs /NED

more info HERE

Betongcupen in Jönköping : results -SWEDEN

Yesterday (29 june) was held the third event of Concrete Cup 2013 /Betongcupen , the contest was held in Jönköping. Here are the winners/podiums

podium Pro/Am
1 David Stenström
2 Simon Karlsson
3 Aaron Busaz
1 Matthias Sernklo
2 Janne Loftén
3 Jocke Olsson
Roofys Rippin´ Helmet Award: Ludvig Håkansson
Servant Trooper of the Day: Gabriel Viking



Mystic Sk8 Cup 2013 : PRO STREET and BOWL Qualify results & video- CZECH REP.

Yesterday in Prague at the Mystic SK8park was the day of the PRO Qualify. Here are the results of the top skater ready for the semi-finals 

STREET top 10 Qualify
1 Kelvin Hoefler
2 Alex Cruysberghs
3 Danny Leon
4 Macime Genin
5 Lukas Danek
6 Maxim Habanec
7 Diego Fiorese
8 Tomas Vintr
9 Patrik Pittl
10 Aurelien Giraud

BOWL top 10 Qualify
1 Dannie Carlsen
2 Danny Leon
3 Greyson Fletcher
4 Ivan Federico
5 Federik Austbo
6 Julien Benoliel,
7 Martin Jurášek
8 Marcos Gabriel
9 Aurellin Giraud
10 Julien Bechet

report ,photos are detailed results HERE

Space Jam 2013 : results & video – POLAND


Yesterday ,29 june, was held the Space Jam 2013 skate contest. This was also the 1st round of the Polish Grand Prix of Skateboarding. The event was organized at the PTG Plaza in Katowice.

category +16
Michał Mazur
Szymon “Szaban” Kuś
Kuba Golański

winner category-16
Michał “Dida” Zarzycki

video is HERE

photo gallery HERE

Kosmos SPACE JAM 2013 from KOSMOS SKATE SNOW SHOP on Vimeo.