Flip Eurodessy Tour 2014 video

The Flip skateboards Eurodessy Tour clip from last year’s trip through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland!
skaters: Arto Saari , Tom Penny , Curren Caples , Louie Lopez, Matt Berger, Ben Nordberg, Danny Phan

Vans Shop Riot 2015 : dates & locations

vans shop riot 2015

In few weeks will start the ,annual skateshop contest series , Vans Shop Riot! The first stop will be in the UK on the 25th april. The finals will be held in september in Spain!!

Vans Shop Riot 2015 dates & locations
UK, 25-26. April, Pioneer Skatepark, St Albans
Belgium, 26. April, Flesh&Bones Skatepark, Aalst
Germany/Austria, 9-10. May, North Brigade Skatepark, Cologne
Spain, 23. May, La Chopera, Leganes
Israel, 28. May, Galit Skatepark, Tel Aviv
Italy, 14. June, Platza Skatepark, Bolzano
Switzerland, 20. June, Lugano Skatepark, Lugano
Netherlands, 21. June, Burnside Skatepark, Deventer
Czech Republic, 18, July, Skatepark Stadion mládeže, Ustí nad Labem
Poland, 1. August, Widzew Skatepark, Łódź
Baltics, 22. August, Monsterparks, Riga, Latvia
Portugal, 12. September, Parque das Gerações, São João Do Estoril, Cascais
France, Date TBC, Cosanostra Skatepark, Chelles
Nordics, Date TBC, Gothenburg, Sweden
Greece, TBC
Russia, TBC
FINALS, 19. & 20. September, La Chopera, Leganes, Spain

official page www.vansshopriot.com




The Joker Cup Street edition 2015 : results – SWITZERLAND

joker cup 2015
The Joker Cup Street edition 2015 was held on the 6th april and not on the 4th because of mad weather. Anyway ,as every year thats to the Joker Shop and Yari Copt for another nice contest in Lugano, Switzerland.Below are the results!
The Joker Cup BOWL edition will be held on the 16th of May!!!!!

under 12 years old:
1 Noam Lichtensteiner
2 Damian Stamerra
3 Luciano Stamerra / 3 James Gilardi

under 16 years old:
1 Gian Matteuzzi
2 Edison Cetinaj
3 Daniele Lepori

1 Lara Re
2 Olivia Gilardi

1 Gilles Gallicchio
2 Guido Stazi
3 Martino Cattaneo

all the results and photos HERE