interview with David Kalina – CZECH REP.


David Kalina is a young talent from Czech Rep. He’s 19 and he’s skating for 7 year. His skateboarding is insane with a unique smooth style . His confidence with the streets is incredible ,he land hard tricks down huge sets of stairs like no one …seems that there are no hard tricks for him…To know more about him read the interview and watch the videos!

The interview is taken from the online magazine issue nr.6 CLICK HERE and check the mag!

How many years are you skating?
I’ve been skating for 7 years now

What made you start?
I was 12 years old, I really liked the whole idea of skateboarding, so my parents bought me a skateboard and I’ ve been skating since then

Do you remember which was your first board?
Yeah, it was a Flip board, Ali Boulala pro model.

Your favorite skatemovie?
All the baker boys videos for sure, the way they skate and the lifestyle they live is just too sick! And I still like DGK a lot. Everybody has such steezy style!

Who is your favorite skater?
Furby, I really like his style. Best nollie flips in the game! Also love the way Herman looks at skateboarding. Wade DeSarmo also has one of the best styles, and he can do pretty much anything

Favorite spot?
There are some hard spots, but my favorite spot is a 7 stair at Vyšehrad. I’d say the best spot in Prague. Also when I was in Mallorca I liked the spots there a lot!

Favorite drink?
I don’t really drink alcohol. Just beers with my homies

Recently you have started skating for globe shoes.
I left Puma for Globe, I’m working hard, I would like to be in the EU team. It’s a really big motovation for me, Globe shoes are great!

Who are your sponsors right now?
Deathwish, Globe, Dickies, Shake Junt, Silver Trucks, Brigada Eyewear, Hypno808, The Chill Wheels, Streetmarketcz

How and how much do you skate during the week?
I actually skate all the time. At least 2 hours a day

Your street skating is insane you land easily nollie tricks down stairs and gaps… Do you have any advice for kids who want to jump stairs without too many precautions 🙂
It’s not that hard, just have it in your head, don’t be afraid and just think about landing it.

Your setup?
Deathwish 8.0, Silver Trucks, The Chill Wheels 52mm tight, Bearings Shake Junt and Shake Junt Hardware.

Describe your idea for a perfect day
I get up in the morning, nobody bothering me, I chill a bit, watch some skate videos, I go skate for a while, have something to eat and meet up with a cameraman and film everything I that I need.

Plans for the future?
Skate, skate, skate. Skate as much as I can haha.

So this is the end, is there anyone you’d like to thank?
I’d like to thank my sponsors for the best support, all my friends, especially Jake! And of course my family for all the support. And you for this interview, thanks.

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