I’ve moved the news on topsheet.eu


Dear readers,

First of all thank you for following my page!!! thank you so much!
I’m writing this post to let you know that now all my news are now moved from SkateAgenda to topsheet.eu!

So, follow all the news from skateboarding on TOPSHEET.EU . It’s a new website with news not only from the  European scene but from around the whole world. News about events, skateboard companies and interviews.It’s really sick..check it out!

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Paranoia shop presents “Strolch” a full lenght video – SWITZERLAND

Good news from Switzerland! The Swiss skateboard shop PARANOIA has put online on youtube the full lenght video called “Strolch”.Prepare yourself for more than 30 minutes of great skateboarding from Switzerland.

skaters in the movie: Patrik Dubach,Marco Vogel,Rose Reichenbach,Krusa Sager,Chrsitian Zemp,Adi Widmer, Reto Möllin