Paranoia shop presents “Strolch” a full lenght video – SWITZERLAND

Good news from Switzerland! The Swiss skateboard shop PARANOIA has put online on youtube the full lenght video called “Strolch”.Prepare yourself for more than 30 minutes of great skateboarding from Switzerland.

skaters in the movie: Patrik Dubach,Marco Vogel,Rose Reichenbach,Krusa Sager,Chrsitian Zemp,Adi Widmer, Reto Möllin


Converse “City Dogs” : full lenght movie – SPAIN

City Dogs
Converse city dogs
Here you have the latest video of the Converse Spanish team “City Dogs” the new full video that will cross the geography of the peninsula and the Canary Islands by the team of Converse Skateboarding Iberia. The Cons skated in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon, embarked on a journey from north to south of the peninsula and did not forget to go through the most remote islands.
skaters: Felipe Bartolomé, Cristian Sánchez, Dani Quintero, Javier Mendizabal, Dani López de Ipiña, Albin Ramos, Pali Negrín, Octavio Barrera, Carlos Cardeñosa, Carlos Neira, Bruno Senra.

Antihero Skateboards “Destination Unknown” – full lenght movie

Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown antihero
Antihero Skateboards presents a new movie “Destination Unknown” !!! Half hour of raw and awesome skateboarding , riding a van across the US from DIY park to DIY spots..and also some street skateboarding 😉

skaters: Andrew Allen, Tony Miorani, Robbie Russo, Albino, Larry, Chris Pfanner, Grant Taylor,Tony Trujillo, Andy Roy, Raney Bfres, Jeff Grosso, The Gut,Frank Gerwer , Patlana, Austin Kanfoush ,Peter Hewitt, John Cardiel and others…

Elare 2 : full lenght video is online!!! – SLOVAKIA

The second full lenght video by Štefan Kurilla is now online on the RedBull page. Check it out, a must see!!
20 minute of massive skateboarding from Slovakia
skaters: Adam Tran, Filip Krchník, Marek Zápražny, Ondrej Leskoviansky, Peter Molec, Braňo Mrváň + friends Rišo Tury, Rio Sejiri, Adam Lukas and Jirka Hronek and others .

Elare 2 movie

Jart skateboards “the AM Project” : movie – online!!

jart am project
The Jart skateboards movie “the AM Project” is now online on youtube!!!
skaters: Fran Molina,Carlos Neira,Mark Frolich, Ivan Rivado, Nick Fiorini, Jorge Simoes, Fernan Origel, Sergio Munoz,Cian Eades,Ben Garcia, Roger Silva,Seb Simon,Adrian Bulard

Grotesque skateboards “J’te kif” : full lenght movie – GERMANY

Grotesque skateboards1
Here you have the full length video from Grotesque skateboards out of Stuttgart. Enjoy!

skaters: Mark Metzner, Michael Bähr ,Yannick Stechmeyer-Emden, Wanja Bach, Tom-Luca Schröder, Nico Manz, Christian”Chrisor” Pelz & Pascal Orawa

Grotesque skateboards