interview with Egor Kaldikov

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Egor is a talented skater that was born and lived his childhood in Siberia. For a couple of years he put down its roots in Moscow where he is very happy and his skateboarding skills are growing very fast. Egor is part of the Union skateboards team. His latest video part is in the latest Unin Skateboards movie called DIY, that came out this summer. Here is a interesting interview with Egor, enjoy reading 🙂

How did you get involved in this sport ?

I was born in Siberia in the small town of Novokuznetsk, we have 3 months of summer and 9 months of winter and one indoor skatepark. My friends bought a board in the usual sports shop (we didn’t have any skateshop at that time), I begged my parents to get me one too and they bought me one.

When you have started?

When I was 12 years old

When did you get your first sponsorship?

When I was 13 years old. When was opened the first Skatehouse skateshop and he took me for support.

Who are your sponsors right now?

Nike SB, Union skateboards, Skullcandy, DAMN beanies, SkateBag, Theeve trucks,Stinky Socks

This summer came out the Union skateboards movie DIY .Two years of filming in Russia, Ukraine, Europe and China. Which is one of the most beautiful memories of shooting the film?

When two Chinese girls were screaming and fighting, it looked that they were fighting over a guy and their child looked at everything. This is the most incredible thing that we have seen.

With wich of your tricks from the the movie you are more proud?

Last trick nollie hardflip tverskie stairs


Do you remember one of the most difficult trick, with whom you have lost so much time?

All tricks took the same time, but I’ll tell you about another trick. This is my most unreal trick which I did. I lost three days to leave the correct. swith bs boardslide caballerial late flip out.

In August came out the short documentary /film “THANK YOU MOSCOW” by Artur Nilov. Can you tell us more about the project. How this idea was born?

Arthur great Russian patriot ,but lives in Latvia. He wanted to make a film about Moscow .About how this town can change your life so that it looked patriot. He offered it to me, because I’m from Siberia, it is very far from Moscow. And Moscow has really changed my life.

artur Egor & Artur Nilov

In august you were in Helsinki for the Hookup 2014 contest with the Union team. This was your first time at the Hookup? How was the contest?

yes, it was very cool, I was very happy to ride with everyone.

Plans for the rest of the year?

Wait out the winter in the indoor skatepark.

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