interview with Kostya Kabanov – RUSSIA


Hey guys, i have not much material to publish a “big” magazine
instead of publish a paltry one I decided to publish the interviews separately on my website and here is the first one . Enjoy reading
Here is the interview with Kostya Kabanov , skater from Saint Petersburg. We were able to see him recently in his new video part in the new movie of the Russian company Union Skateboards. He was also present at some big contests like Mystic Cup (6th place) and Helsinki HookUp (2nd place)
Read this interview about the D.I.Y. Video part end other interesting stuff.

What made you start skateboarding?
It was 2006 ( I was 11-12 years old), childrens playground, I found an ugly skateboard and i’ve try to skate, but after 5 hours some guys wanna kick me, so I leave it in a bush haha and then I went home and I’ve asked my mom to buy me a skateboard

When did you get your first sponsorship?
It was the 2010 , my first sponsors was “balance” distribution (lakai, matix, spitfire, thunder, real skateboards)

Your sponsors today?
Now i skate for DC shoes, UNION skateboards, Theeve trucks , Damn , stinky socks, skateapparel

You are from Saint Petersburg, how is skating there?
In Saint Petersburg skateboarding is not so much developed like in Moscow, but skaters in saint-p are more crazy, more amazing, more ambitious
We don’t have good skateparks for training, but in Moscow there a lot of concrete skateplazas
So I think in Russia Moscow is the best place for skateboarding 🙂
This summer came out the Union skateboards movie DIY .Two years of filming in Russia, Ukraine, Europe and China.
When you recived the news that you will film the video part you have already in your mind the tricks for the movie or was more a “go with the flow“ during the filming?
I haven’t skated in Ukraine. When i skated in China many tricks was like “go with the flow“ because spots were on every step…turn right its spot, turn left its spot, go anywhere and you will see the spot 🙂 We didn’t have time to skate on every spot many times different days
Most of tricks in Russia was in my mind I think, because it’s a home place and you can kill this spot anytime when you want 🙂

With wich of your tricks from the the movie you are more proud?
I think it’s only long fs feeble, my last trick …The rest is too easy I think 🙂

With which trick you angered more / you lose more time?
Again it was fs feeble, two days, 7 or 8 hours in total
It was a real BATTLE

The best spot during the filming?
Streets of China ! shenzhen is a one big spot ! 🙂

the trick that impressed you most during filming (of any skater)?
Fs lipslide by Egor Golubev, last trick in his profile, he is very very crazy skater, like a maniac ! haha


In august you were in Helsinki for the Hookup 2014 contest . You’ve finished second , your run was amazing. What is the first this that comes to your mind remembering the event?
360 hardflip second try down the stairset by Albert Nyberg, very sick skating!

This was your first time at the Hookup? How was the contest?
Yeah, First time at hookup and first time in Helsinki 🙂 contest was very sick, a lot of cool skaters like Wes Kremer, Phil Zwijsen, Jimmy Cao
Thanks everybody for good times in Helsinki

Have you also skated the streets of Helsinki?
No, it was my first time at Helsinki, very beautiful city 🙂

which is you favorite spot and favorite skate park? (in general)
Street spot in Saint-p “Violin”(SKRIPKA in Russain:) )
My favorite skatepark is in Moscow biggest concrete plaza calls “Ferma”

Your three favorite tricks?
Kickflip, 360 flip, kickflip back smith

Plans for the rest of the year?
Few contests in Russia and then go Barcelona to filmin new street part

Your setup?
Deck 8/125
Wheels 51mm
Shoes 9
And i very like to use BONES hardcore bushings (hard)

Last words?
Keep skating anytime anywhere in any conditions! Thanks everybody ! 🙂



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