2015 Rhône-Alpes Skateboard championship : dates & locations – FRANCE

Rhône-Alpes Skateboard

This year the Rhône-Alpes Skateboard championship (Championnat Régional Rhône-Alpes 2015) will have 9 rounds for the STREET category  and 7 for the BOWL. Here are the dates and the locations!

official page crras2015.wix.com


12 April (Montélimar)

30 May (Vaulx en Velin) 100% girls

7 June (Lyon Sgt Blandan) 100% Juniors

20 & 21 June (Rumilly)

28 June (MontBrison)

12 September (St Julien en Genevois)

26 September (Oyonnax)

10 & 11 October (St Etienne Sainté Street)


12 April (Montélimar)

9 May (Bourg les Valence)

23 May (Bourgoin Jaillieu)

24 May (Boen sur Lignon)

31 Aogust (Aurec sur Loire)

19 September (Bourg en Bresse)

3 October (Chatillon d’Azergues)

Podiums & JAM Street & Bowl :

24 October  (GRENOBLE)



360 skate CUP :1st round Lucija – SLOVENIA

On the 4th october at the skatepark in Lucija, Slovenia will be held the 1st round of the 360 skate CUP (slovenian skateboard championship)
The contest will be formed from qualifications of 3 min, and finals for top goofy and regular from the qualify. The contest will be a part of the skate and have fun day program.

more info HERE

skate and have fun DAY link


North German Skateboard Championship 2013 : results & video – GERMANY

Norddeutsche Meisterschaften 2013

On the 21 september at the i-punkt skateland in Hamburg was held the NORTH GERMAN SKATEBOARD CHAMPIONSHIP / NORDDEUTSCHE SKATEBOARD MEISTERSCHAFT 2013.  Here are the results and the video!

Group A
1. Christoph Radtke
2. Alex Ring
3.  Andre André Gerlich

Group B
1.  Justin Sommer
2.   Ike Fromme
3.  Johannes Keschke

Group C
1.   Lenny Dettmann
2.   Quincy Benefo
3.   Daniel Becker