Tampa PRO 2015 : results & videos

tampa pro 2015
This weekend,from the 20th to the 22th march, at the Skatepark of Tampa in Tampa,Florida(USA) was held the 21st edition of the Tampa Pro skateboard contest and Luan Oliveira is the ‪#‎TampaPro2015‬ WINNER! And maximum respect for the Belgian Youness Amrani that finished 8th!!!
Here are some videos and the results!

Tampa PRO 2015 finals results
1 Luan Oliveira (Brazil)
2 Nijah Huston (USA)
3 Kelvin Hoefler (Brazil)
4 Trevor Colden (USA)
5 Chaz Ortiz (USA)
6 Felipe Gustavo (Brazil)
7 Shane O’Neill (Australia)
8 Youness Amrani (Belgium, Europe)
9 Cody Mcentire (USA)
10 Chris Cole (USA)
11 Ishod Wair (USA)
12 Boo Johnson (USA)

detailed results are HERE

Street League Skateboarding 2014 – Super Crown : results & video

Nyjah Huston SLS 2014
The past weekend at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey was held the 2014 Street League Skateboarding Nike SB Super Crown World Championship! Here are the results…Nyjah Huston won the SLS 2014!

1. Nyjah Huston
2. Torey Pudwill
3. Ishod Wair
4. Chaz Ortiz
5. Matt Berger
6. Paul Rodriguez
7. Luan Oliveira
8. Shane O´Neill

videos, report on the official page streetleague.com


Street League Skateboarding 2014 – Stop two Los Angeles : results & video

SLS -Street League - Los Angeles
The past weekend in Los Angeles was held the second Stop of the 2014 SLS Nike SB World Tour! Here are the results…another one for Nyjah Huston!

1. Nyjah Huston
2. Chaz Ortiz
3. Torey Pudwill
4. Ryan Decenzo
5. Luan Oliveira
6. Shane O´Neill
7. Paul Rodriguez
8. Matt Berger

photos and videos HERE


Street League Skateboarding 2014 – Stop One Chicago : results & videos

sls nyjah
This weekend in Chicago was held the Stop One of the 2014 SLS Nike SB World Tour! Nyjah won the contest after battling it out with Luan Oliveira and Shane O’Neill in the Final. It all came down to the last few attempts in the Control Section. Awesome fifth place for Bastien Salabanzi!

Final Standings:
1st Nyjah Huston
2nd Luan Oliveira
3rd Shane O’Neill
4th Torey Pudwill
5th Bastien Salabanzi
6th Paul Rodriguez
7th Matt Berger
8th Tommy Sandoval

photos and videos HERE

Street League – SLS Monster Energy Pro Open : day 1

sls pro open

This weekend is taking place the first event of the SLS (Street League Skateboarding). The 1st contest is private only for PROs and is taking place at the Nike SB 6th & Mill Skatepark in Los Angeles, CA. Bastien Salabanzi is the only European skater in this competitions so we’ll cheering for him! We need also to check YOUNESS AMRANI because he can qualify in the NON-SLS PROS QUALIFY!
The event is in live streaming on FOX1

20 non-SLS Pros compete for a chance at three spots in the SLS Nike SB World Tour, joining the current pros on the current SLS Pros on the 2014 Season. Only eight will advance to Day two.
Day two, the heat is on as those eight qualifiers go against the most prestigious competitive street skaters: current SLS pros. SLS vets and new faces alike will battle for $75,00 in prize money and a coveted ‘golden ticket’ to the $200,000 SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship in August.
All of your favorite SLS Pros, including Chris Cole, Nyjah Huston, Sean Malto, Paul Rodriguez, and Shane O’Neill, find themselves pitted against the eight newcomers in a showdown for the coveted ‘golden ticket’ and key championship points for qualifications into the Super Crown.

LIVE STREAMING / WEBCAST on streetleague.com

more info about the PRO Open HERE


Tampa Pro 2014 best trick results & videos

shane o'neill tampa pro 2014 best trick winner
The winner of the Tampa Pro 2014 best trick contest is Shane O’neill with a tre flip nose manual tre flip out!!! 2nd placed Nyjah Huston!

1 Shane O´Neill (Nollie 360 Flip Nosemanual Nollie 360 Flip boxmanual)
2 Nyjah Huston (Crooked Nollie Late Front Foot Flip rail)
3 Alex Carolino (Fs Nollie Heel Switch Manual Switch Flip boxmanual)
4 Chaz Ortiz (Kicklip Bs Tail Bs 270 Flip flatcurb )
5 Lucas Carvalho (Fs Noseblunt Nollie Flip flatcurb)
6 Rodrigo Leal (Hardflip Bs Noseblunt nerför rail)
6 Kevin Hoefler (Cab Bs Noseblunt nerför rail)

Nike SB Team at the Nike SB Shelter : video – GERMANY

Nike SB Team at the  Nike SB Shelter
Here is the video of the Nike SB team having a productive session in the Nike SB Shelter.
skaters: Shane O’Neill, Luan Oliveira, Donovon Piscopo, Youness Amrani, Wieger van Wageningen, Kilian Zehnder and Denny Pham