Bright European Skateboard Awards 2015: results

On the 20th january at the House of Vans in Berlin hosted the Bright European Skateboard Awards 2015! This was the 4th edition and here are the results.

Skater of the year: Madars Apse
Rookie of the year: Daan Van Der Linden
Brand of the year: Polar Skate Co
Photographer of the year: Davy Van Laere
Magazine of the year: Kingpin
Website of the year: Live Skateboard Media
Video of the year: Endless Bummer by Palace
Clip of the year: Time Chase con Phil Zwijsen
Shop of the year: Lockwood
Videographer of the year: Niki Waltl
SkateAid Charity Award: Skateboarding Society of Kenya

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Bright European Skateboard Awards 2014 : the WINNERS!!!

bright european skateboard awards
Yesterday ,16 january 2014 , was held the 3rd edition of the European Skateboard Awards. it seems that the most loved by the audience of kingpin magazine is Eniz Fazliov. He won the Kingpin Reader’s Choice Award for the 2nd time! The first was in 2012. It is necessary to point out that Polar Skate Co. is the most beloved brand in Europe. Polar won for the 2nd time in a row the Brand of the Year Award! The Rookie award went to Karsten Kleppan and the European Skater of the Year was brought home by Youness Amrani! All the winners are listed below. Check it out
The event was held at the “WARENHAUS JANDORF” in Berlin at the Bright tradeshow 2014. Here are the names of the winners and on youtube you can watch the video of the whole ceremony 🙂


Bright European Skateboard Awards 2014

Kingpin European Skater of the Year
Youness Amrani

Kingpin Reader’s Choice Award
Eniz Fazliov

Brand of the Year Award
Polar skate co.

Videographer of the Year Award
Patrick Wallner

Rookie of the year
Karsten Kleppan

Clip of the year
No Complies, Wallrides and shovits

Video of the year
Eleveth Hour

Photographer of the Year Award
Sam Ashley

The Skaid-Aid Charity Of The Year Award
Uganda Skateboard Union – Kampala, Uganda

Website of the Year
Live Skateboard Media

Magazine of the year

Shop of the year
Street Machine (Copenhagen, Denmark)

more about the Bright European Skateboard Awards (nominees , past editions) CLICK HERE