TOP SHEET : a new project about skateboarding news!!!


Hi readers!
I want to let you know that with my friend i have started a new project,a new website , bigger and better than Skate Agenda , with news about skateboarding from all over the world!!!
It’s online here



360 skate CUP 1st round : results & video – SLOVENIA

On the 4th october at the skatepark in Lucija (Slovenia) was held the 1st round of the 360 skate CUP 2014/2015. The contest was Goofy VS Regular. Here are the video report and the results.

info , photos and all the results click the link below

RESULTS: 360 skate cup 2014/2015
1st round : Goofy VS Regular
Lucija – skatepark
0-12 (beginners)
1 Tai Kussel (Goofy) 70 pts
2 Emanuel ??? (Goofy) 60 pts
3 Matija Benčič (Regular) 55 pts

13-16 ( & 0-12 sponsored)
1 Rene Torkar (Goofy) 70 pts
2 Tim Kussel (Regular) 60 pts
3 Andrej Stanič (Regular) 55 pts

17-25 ( & +25 sponsored)
1 Martin Lazar (Goofy) 70 pts
2 Milan Stupar (Regular) 60 pts
3 Orest Heryliv (Regular) 55 pts

26-99+ (old school)
1 Luca Bartole (Goofy) 70 pts
2 Luka Rejc (Goofy) 60 pts
3 Aleš Šimon (Goofy) 55 pts


Skate Agenda : 1st PHOTO CONTEST


I’m very pleased to announce that with the collaboration of Embisi Skateboards we will start our first online contest!

send a photo of you doing a trick to :  – subject “1st PHOTO CONTEST” (photo with information about the trick, place and Rider)
To take part in the contest the photo of you doing a trick must have in the background strange characters in strange – weird poses!!!

send the photos until the 27.9.2013
Wait until we throw them to the gallery on our fan page

start earning LIKES under the photo…the photo (the rider on the photo) with more likes will win 🙂
photo contest close on the 5.10.2013

Embisi T-shirt

The competition ends on : 5.10.2013 at 23.59
The prize will be sent within 7 days from the end.
The person sending the picture must have the right to dispose of it.

2nd round Betongcupen in Luleå : results – SWEDEN


The second round of Betongcupen / Concrete Cup 2013  was held this weekend on Saturday in Luleå at the Steel Park.

results (podium):
1 Amandus Mortensen
2 Simon Karlsson
3 Jesper Lind

Roofys Rippin Helmet award: Simon Hallberg

Servant Trooper of the day: Pramono Salmonsen

Get Set Go! (gilrs)
1. Emma Lindgren
2. Nina Troeng

The next 2 rounds of the Betongcupen /Concrete Cup 2013 are:
29 june, Jönköping
3 august, Ängelholm

more results and videos HERE

official FB page: