DC Italian team in Portugal : video – ITALY

The Italian DC team was on tour in Portugal and here is the video from the trip.

skaters: Daniele Galli, Ivan Federico, Andrea Casasanta, Alessandro Morandi, Fabio Colombo, Alessandro Cesario


El Santo skateboards “Therapeutic Tour” : video – ITALY

El Santo skateboards Therapeutic Tour

El Santo skateboards Therapeutic Tour2
Here is “Therapeutic Tour” the new video from the italian skateboard company El Santo skateboards in collaboration with the italian magazine Share Skateboarding filmed during the mini tour in the Nord East Italy and Slovenia.
skaters: Daniele Galli, Fabio Colombo, Jonathan Gallo,Luca Crestani, Marco Lambertucci ,Mattia Turco

El Santo skateboards Therapeutic Tour3

Element Make It Count 2014 Brescia : results & video – ITALY

element make it count 2014
On the 4th May at the Railway skatepark in Brescia was held the Make if Count italian stop. Here are the results

under 13:
1 Thomas Zaccaria
2 Marco Lonati
3 Vittorio Galetti

14 – 16:
1 Kelvin Nwachukwu
2 Lorenzo Ubino
3 Giole Provenzano

17 e Up/Sponsored:
1 Fabio Colombo
2 Matteo Franceschin
3 Simone Chiolerio



THIS IS DC : full lenght movie online – ITALY

“THIS IS DC” is an Italian movie with all the DC Italian team riders (skate ,snow,bmx,surf…) The video is available in DVD with a booklet of 80 pages.

Skateboard Team: Daniele Galli, Andreo Lopes, Alessandro Morandi, Toti Leone, Luca Collu, Andrea Casasanta, Ivan Federico, Fabio Colombo.
Snowboard Team: Alessandro Benussi, Lorenzo Barbieri, Nicholas Bridgman, Manuel Pietropoli
Surf Team: Lorenzo Castagna, Fabrizio Gabrielli, Alessandro Demartini, Alessandro Piu, Angelo Bonomelli
Moto Team: Massimo Bianconcini, Alex Salvini, Angelo Pellegrini, Luca Zironi, Kevin Ferrari
Bike Team: Nicola Pescetto, Luca Masserini, Alberto Limatore, Fabio D’Alessandro

more info www.californiasport.info

Pushing Together DC ITALY & UK tour video

_Pushing Together
Pushing Together is a video about the Pushing Together Tour of the DC Italy and DC UK teams in collabortion with A Brief Glance . Filmed in Italy and in the United Kingdom.

riders: Jody Smith, Danny Galli, James Bush, Fabio Colombo, Nicky Howells, Ale Cesario, Dave Snaddon, Andy Lopes, Cian Eades, Ale Morandi, Sam Pulley, Dylan Hughes + Andy Evans
more info HERE

Element Make It Count 2013 European finals : results & video – NORWAY

make it count finals

On the 22 and 23 june in Norway at Camp Vierli was held the Element Make It Count 2013 European Grand Finals.
In the finals , there where 32 skaters top skaters from Europe and the Element pro’s and the European team was judgeing the competition.
Hermann Stene won the finals and get a trip to California, all Expenses paid , to skate The Berric with the Element team!

1 Hermann Stene
2 Sven Kilchenmann
3 Bruno Senra
Wild Card ( also get trip to California, all Expenses paid, to skate The Berric )
Shajar Willems

detailed results HERE