Simple Session 14 : final results – ESTONIA

Simple Session 14
The Simple Session 14 is over. Amazing runs from the riders as amazing was Greg Lutzka he’s not only the winner of the 2014 SS edition with some really hard tricks like the 270 blutslide on the rail…he’s the hero because in the morning session was injured by hitting hard the head , he did not even believed that was possible to be present in the finals…2nd placed was Phil Zwijsen with an insane run with some really speed tricks on the quarters all around the park. Third placed the technical Kelvin Hoefler with a massive flip fs boardslide and a flip crooked and more. The young french Aurelien Giraud finished 4th at his first time at the Simple Session , he finished in front of Ryan Sheckler 😉

Finals resuls

            name                 1run /2 run
1 USA Greg Lutzka                  244 /266
2 BEL Phil Zwijsen                  235 /266
3 BRA Kelvin Hoefler             251 /263
4 FRA Aurelien Giraud          243 /262
5 USA Ryan Sheckler             234 /262
6 FRA Robin Bolian                 234 /261
7 RUS Max Kruglov                229 /246
8 FIN Niko Ojanen                   234/ 244
9 FRA Joseph Garbaccio      208 /244
10 RUS Gosha Konishev       220/ 243
11 NOR Gard Hvaara              238 /241
12 JPN Ryo Sejiri                     238 /208
13 DEN Bjorn Lillesoe           233 /205
14 NED Tim Zom                     176 /224
15 NED Douwe Macare           87 /89
16 CAN Ryan Decenzo              74 /0


DC best trick
1 Max Kruglov (hardflip bs overcrook)
2 Auriel Giraud (crooked nollie flip out)
3 Dannie Carlsen (blunt 360 flip out on the vulcano)

Simple Session 14 : qualify results – ESTONIA

simple session 2014
Today was the day of qualifing at the Simple Session 14 and here are the results.


The first three will go straight to the finals. The other 28 following will compete in the semi-finals of tomorrow

1 Phil Zwijsen BEL
2 Max Kruglov RUS
2 Greg Lutzka USA

4 Dannie Carlsen DEN
5 Robin Bolian FRA
5 Bjorn Lillesoe DEN
7 Ryan Sheckler USA
8 Ryan Decenzo CAN
9 Tim Zom NED
10 Rob Maatman NED
11 Ryo Sejiri JPN
12 Kelvin Hoefler BRA
13 Jaakko Ojanen FIN
14 Niko Ojanen FIN
15 Taylor Bray USA
16 Jordan Maxham USA
17 Martin Pek CZE
18 Roma Alimov RUS
19 Joseph Garbaccio FRA
19 Douwe Macare NED
19 Christoph Radtke GER
22 Leticia Bufoni BRA
23 Gard Hvaara NOR
24 Tiago Lopes POR
24 Vadim Romantsov BLR
24 Pedro Roseiro POR
27 Aurelien Giraud FRA
27 Gosha Konishev RUS
29 Filip Almqvist SWE
30 Alexandre Massotti BRA
31 Diego Fiorese BRA

Simple Session 2014 : updates – ESTONIA

Simple Session 14 Skate Teaser
Simple Session 14 will be host at Saku Arena Tallinn, Estonia on February 22-23 2014.
After the confirmation of Greg Lutzka, Ryan Decenzo & Ryan Sheckler now are confirmed also the DC Europe Team riders:Thaynan Costa ,Josef Skott Jatta , Madars Apse and Manuel Margreiter.
The riders qualified from the lithuanian qualifications are: Emilis Morris , Lukas Garbačiauskas, Dominik Žukauskas
These are estonian skateboarders who received invitation from Simple Session 14 qualification event:
Toomas Seppänen, Sergo Semitsev, Aleksandr Sin Tubin, Kristjan Prik, Kristjan Eier, Kristo Õismets, Romario Siimer, Nils-Eerik Vesberg and the wildcard Egbert Pahhomov
Now waiting for the Simple Session 14 latvian qualifications on February 12th!

more info about the event HERE


Ryan Sheckler and Ryan Decenzo confirmed for the Simple Session 14 – ESTONIA

Simple Session 14 Skate Teaser
Here are the latest updates from the Simple Session 14, that will be held in Tallinn, Estonia in the SAKU Arena on the 22 and 23 february.
Now , it’s confirmed the news that Ryan Sheckler and Ryan Decenzo will be a part of the contest!
A short time ago I gave the provisional list of participants. Already at that time we have seen that illustrious names on the world scene will be present(Kelvin Hoefler,Ryo Sejiri,Greg Lutzka ,Austen Seaholm ,Ruben Rodrigues..) .
Now you have one more reason to come and see the contest live!

more about the contest HERE

Simple Session 2014 updates – ESTONIA

Simple Session 14

On the 22 and 23 february in Tallinn, Estonia at the SAKU Arena will be held the Simple Session 2014 . Simple Session is the World’s premier BMX and skateboarding contest happening annually in Tallinn, Estonia. Here are some news about the event.
Also this year the list of skaters is amazing and the event promises to be great and unique and, as happens every year , the professionalism of the organizers and the skaters will be at a higher level!
On the starting list we can find the 20 years old Brasilian Kelvin Hoefler , the 2013 SS silver medalist and 2013 WCS World Champion, will be there and he’s ready to finish in front of Max Kruglov. The French young talent Robin Bolian is also ready to shred the park at the SS2014. From Japan there will be Ryo Sejiri (Mystic SK8 Cup 2013 and Far’N High 2013 winner!). From the USA the Three-times Tampa Pro Gold medalist, Three XGames Street medalist, Dew Tour winner Greg Lutzka and the trick machine “Mystic master” Austen Seaholm . From Portugal the young Bruno Serna (Make It Count 2013 winner) and the 15 years old talend Tiago Lopes and I must also list the great Ruben Rodrigues..and many many more incredible skaters from Norway , Netherlands, Sweden,Germany,Belgium, Russia…

The provisional list of the skaters is below:

Robin Bolian (FRA)
Bjorn Lillesoe (DEN)
Dannie Carlsen (DEN)
Bruno Senra (POR)
Jakob Stein (SWE)
Erik Nylander (SWE)
Taylor Bray (USA)
Ryo Sejiri (JPN)
Vadim Romantsov (BLR)
Andreas R. Larsen (DEN)
Sasha Rybakov (RUS)
Kostya Kabanov (RUS)
Dima Rodionov (RUS)
Pedro Dylon (BRA)
Sergei Zorin (EST)
Kelvin Hoefler (BRA)
Simon Stricker (SUI)
Ruben Rodrigues (POR)
Didrik Galasso (NOR)
Jaakko Ojanen (FIN)
Woody Hoogendijk (NED)
Ross McGouran (GBR)
Phil Zwijsen (BEL)
Timotej Lampe Ignjic (SLO)
Rain Lindemann (EST)
Tim Prozorov (EST)
Roma Alimov (RUS)
Austen Seaholm (USA)
Greg Lutzka (USA)
Tiago Lopes (POR)
Egor Golybev (RUS)
Tim Zom (NED)
Dima Dvoynishnikov (RUS)
Max Kruglov (RUS)
Giorgio Zavos (GRE)
Maxim Habanec (CZE)
Mack McKelton (GER)
Niko Ojanen (FIN)
Madars Apse (LAT)

Official page:

Simple Session 2014 – ESTONIA

simple session 2014

On the 22 and 23 february in Tallinn, Estonia at the SAKU Arena will be held the Simple Session 2014 . Simple Session is the World’s premier BMX and skateboarding contest happening annually in Tallinn, Estonia.

Saku Suurhall Arena is the largest arena in Estonia. It was built in 2001 and holds up to 10,000 people. It is named after the Estonian brewery and soft drinks company Saku. It generally hosts basketball games, as well as ice hockey and concerts

for the moment the skaters are:
Vadim Romantsov (BLR)
Andreas R. Larsen (DEN)
Sasha Rybakov (RUS)
Kostya Kabanov (RUS)
Dima Rodionov (RUS)
Sergei Zorin (EST)
Jaakko Ojanen (FIN)
Timotej Lampe Ignjic (SLO)
Rain Lindemann (EST)
Tim Prozorov (EST)
Austen Seaholm (USA)
Greg Lutzka (USA)
Egor Golybev (RUS)
Dima Dvoynishnikov (RUS)
Max Kruglov (RUS)
Maxim Habanec (CZE)
Madars Apse (LAT)

the official website: