Bright European Skateboard Awards 2015: results

On the 20th january at the House of Vans in Berlin hosted the Bright European Skateboard Awards 2015! This was the 4th edition and here are the results.

Skater of the year: Madars Apse
Rookie of the year: Daan Van Der Linden
Brand of the year: Polar Skate Co
Photographer of the year: Davy Van Laere
Magazine of the year: Kingpin
Website of the year: Live Skateboard Media
Video of the year: Endless Bummer by Palace
Clip of the year: Time Chase con Phil Zwijsen
Shop of the year: Lockwood
Videographer of the year: Niki Waltl
SkateAid Charity Award: Skateboarding Society of Kenya

official page HERE and HERE

Bright European Skateboard Awards 2014 : the WINNERS!!!

bright european skateboard awards
Yesterday ,16 january 2014 , was held the 3rd edition of the European Skateboard Awards. it seems that the most loved by the audience of kingpin magazine is Eniz Fazliov. He won the Kingpin Reader’s Choice Award for the 2nd time! The first was in 2012. It is necessary to point out that Polar Skate Co. is the most beloved brand in Europe. Polar won for the 2nd time in a row the Brand of the Year Award! The Rookie award went to Karsten Kleppan and the European Skater of the Year was brought home by Youness Amrani! All the winners are listed below. Check it out
The event was held at the “WARENHAUS JANDORF” in Berlin at the Bright tradeshow 2014. Here are the names of the winners and on youtube you can watch the video of the whole ceremony 🙂


Bright European Skateboard Awards 2014

Kingpin European Skater of the Year
Youness Amrani

Kingpin Reader’s Choice Award
Eniz Fazliov

Brand of the Year Award
Polar skate co.

Videographer of the Year Award
Patrick Wallner

Rookie of the year
Karsten Kleppan

Clip of the year
No Complies, Wallrides and shovits

Video of the year
Eleveth Hour

Photographer of the Year Award
Sam Ashley

The Skaid-Aid Charity Of The Year Award
Uganda Skateboard Union – Kampala, Uganda

Website of the Year
Live Skateboard Media

Magazine of the year

Shop of the year
Street Machine (Copenhagen, Denmark)

more about the Bright European Skateboard Awards (nominees , past editions) CLICK HERE

Bright European Skateboard Awards : the past editions and winners

bright award12-14

In this article I will write about The Bright European Skateboard Awards history. It’s not a long story because this year will be the 3rd edition. This year for the third year, the Bright European Skateboard Awards will be held to celebrate the people who make skateboarding in Europe happen, and who’ve impressed the most in their respective “categories“ ( skating, filming, photography,business…) . On the 1st edition Albert Nyberg was selected as the Rookie of the Year , now he’s one of the top riders in Europe (maybe this award motivated him to impress more and more in 2013) , last year Rookie was Tom Knox (this year he can won the Kingpin rider of the year award). Polar Skate Co. was the brand of the year and in the 2013 and was Palace in 2012, maybe this year will be the year for the Swedish Sweet or Cliche or Magenta…The British are great entrepreneurs, you know, in 2 years of awards they have won 2 times for the best skateshop of the year in 2012 Lost Art, Liverpool and in 2013 Slam City Skates, London. About the Photographer of the Year , in the 2012 Sam Rubio has left an indelible mark in skateboarding, but also the others were superb as always… are all professionals, and I think this is one of the most difficult awards to be given.

The nominees for the 2014 BESA are HERE

Below are all the winners of the past years



Kingpin Readers Choice: Eniz Fazliov
Kingpin Skater of the Year: Lucas Puig
Kingpin Video Production of the Year: Adidas – Lucas Puig Pro Spotlight
Kingpin Rookie of the Year: Albert Nyberg
Skateshop of the Year: Lost Art, Liverpool
Slam of the Year: Steve Forstner
Trick of the Year: Steve Forstner
Photographer of the Year: Sem Rubio
Cover of the Year: Kingpin issue 93 shot by Sem Rubio
Brand of the Year: Palace Skateboards

check the 2012 nominees HERE

more about the 2012 edition HERE


bright eas2013

Kingpin Reader’‘s Choice Award: Madars Apse
Skater of the Year: Madars Apse
Rookie of the Year: Tom Knox
Brand of the Year: Polar Skate Co.
Videographer of the Year: Pontus Alv
Shop of the Year: Slam City Skates, London
Video Feature of the Year: Jesus Fernandez
Cover of the Year: Soma, Issue 27
Photographer of the Year: Marcel Veldman
Web Edition of the Year: The DC Embassy
Skate Aid Charity Award: Pura Vida

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Bright European Skateboard Awards 2014 : the nominees and more

bright european skateboard awards

From the 15th to the 17th january 2014 at the “WARENHAUS JANDORF” in Berlin will be held the Bright tradeshow 2014 and for all the skaters the Bright European Skateboard Awards 2014!!!!

On the 1st day there will be the NIKE SB DEMO with Shane O’Neill, Luan Oliveira, Donovon Piscopo, Youness Amrani, Wieger Van Wageningen, Lennie Burmeinster, Michi Mackrodt, Farid Ulrich and Denny Pham
Nike-SB-Shelter Grand Opening bright

And there will be also the Perus Crew Video Premiere!!! Movie called “Get the Fucking Beers in Dickhead” with Eniz Fazliov, Madars Apse, Pirkka Pollari, Dallas Rockvam and many more good skaters
perus crew movie

In the movie theater (100seats) it will be possible watch some skate videos: Lightworks,Phil Zwijsen’s time chase ,Coping Mechanics and the Magenta Video “Soleil Levant”

There are many awards up for grabs for …here are listed all the nominees for all the awards of the BESA 2014!

Kingpin European Skater of the Year nominees:
Hjalte Halberg
Josef Scott Jatta
Madars Apse
Nassim Guammaz
Youness Amrani

Kingpin Reader’s Choice Award nominees:
Flo Mirtain
Eniz Fazliov
Erik J Pettersson
Youness Amrani
Hjalte Halberg
Tom Knox
Lucas Puig
Nassim Guammaz
Karsten Kleppan
Madars Apse

Brand of the Year Award  nominees:
Cliche skateboards
Magenta skateboards
Palace skateboards
Polar skate co.
Sweet skateboards

Videographer of the Year Award  nominees:
Boris Proust
Henry Edwards-Wood
Patrick Wallner
Pontus Alv
Torsten Frank

Rookie of the year  nominees:
Fernando Bramsmark
Gustav Tonnesen
Karsten Kleppan
Mauro Caruso
Oskar Rozemberg

Clip of the year   nominees:
40 years lates : long live Southbank
Element Wolfeboro/ Karsten Kleppan
No Complies, Wallrides and shovits
Trocadero days
Youness Amrani : Marrakesh Express

Video of the year  nominees:
Bon Vayage
Eleveth Hour
Grey Area
Hold it Down
Soleil Levant

Photographer of the Year Award  nominees:
Davy van Laere
Marcel Veldman
Nils Svensson
Sam Ashley
Sem Rubio

The Skaid-Aid Charity Of The Year Award nominees:
Across the Boarders – Munich,Germany
Salesian Institute/Don Bosco – Cap Town South Africa
Shangilia / Skateboarding Society of Kenya – Nairobi Kenya
THR3325IVE Sound Central Festival – Kabul,Afganistan
Uganda Skateboard Union – Kampala, Uganda

Website of the Year nominees:
A Brief Glance
Live Skateboard Media

Magazine of the year nominees:

Shop of the year nominees:
FiftyFifty (Bristol ,UK)
FTC ( barcelona, Spain)
Nozbone (Paris,France)
Street Machine (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Welcome Skateboarding (Madrid, Spain)