Vans France “Tours de secours” : video – FRANCE

Vans France - Tours de secours
The Vans French team was on tour during the month of July. Here is the clip from the trip to Copenhagen.
skaters: Joseph Biais, Bastien Marlin, Victor Pellegrin, Valentin Bauer, Alex Richard and Bastien Duverdier

Vans France Skate Tour in Oregon “Pèlerinage Forcé” : video – FRANCE/USA

Vans France Skate Tour in Oregon

Here is the new video form the Vans French team. It’s filmed during the Skate Tour in Oregon, USA from Portland to Seattle via Lincoln city and Orcas Island. The video is called “Pèlerinage Forcé” , Enjoy!
Riders: Victor Pellegrin, Valentin Bauer, Joseph Biais, Bastien Marlin, Alex Richard and Nabil Slimani, accompanied by loïc Benoit!

2013 Vans Downtown Showdown in live streaming !

vans downtown showdown

On the 31st august will be held the 2013 Vans Downtown Showdown!
The event will be held at the Grande Halle De La Villette in Paris . For this edition there will be a lot of team and some of the best riders in the world.

 the team and skaters
ANTIZ (Sam Partaix, Dominic Dietrich, Samu Karvonen, Dallas Rockvam)
BLIND (Kevin Romar, Tj Rogers, Sewa and Sam Beckett)
CLICHé (Kyron Davis, Flo Mirtain, Kevin Bradley, Lem Villemin)
DEATH (Rob Smith, Adam Moss, Mikey Patrick, Moggins)
DROPDEAD (Pedro Barros, Rodolfo Ramos, Evandro Martins, Guilherme Guimarães)
ELEMENT (Ross McGouran, Phil Zwijsen, Nassim Guammaz, Karsten Kleppan)
FLIP ( Geoff Rowley, Ben Nordberg, Luan Oliveira, Louie Lopez)
ISLE ( Nick Jensen, Chris Jones, Sylvain Tognelli, Tom Knox)
METROPOLITAN (Steve Ramy, Vincent Bressol, JJ Rousseau, Lee Smith)
PALACE ( Lucien Clarke, Chewy Cannon, Rory Milanes, Olly Todd)
RADIO (Lenni Burmeister, Octavio Trindade, Valeri Rosomako, Bastien Marlin)
SWEET ( Gustav Tönneson, Josef Scott Jatta, Jonas Skröder, Nisse Ingemarsson)

more info about the teams HERE

You can check the obstacles featuring in the 2013 Vans Downtown Showdown CLICK HERE

the 2013 Vans Downtown Showdown will be in LIVE STREAMING HERE