Grenland Games 2015 : results & video – NORWAY

grenland games 2015

On the 7th and 8th feburary at the Skatehallen Grenland Skateboardklubb in Skien, Norway was held the Grenland Games 2015. Here are the results and the video report!


fb page HERE

Street Senior:
1. Steffen Austerheim
2. Hermann Stene
3. Gard Hvaara
4. Simon Karlsson
5. Didrik Galasso

Street Junior:
1. Jonas Carlsson
2. Petter Brunvatne
3. Daniel Pedersen
4. Markus Heimdal
5. Elias Heitmann

Miniramp Senior:
1. Simon Karlsson
2. Gard Hvaara
3. Steffen Austerheim
4. Didrik Galasso
5. Jaran Jacobsen

Miniramp Junior:
1. Petter Brunvatne
2. Gabriel Viking
3. Jonas Carlsson
4. Simen Hægelund
5. Elias Heitmann

all the results HERE


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