Bryggeriet Street 2014 : results – SWEDEN

Bryggeriet Street 2014
On the 22nd november at the Bryggeriet skatepark in Malmö, Sweden was held the Bryggeriet Street 2014 skateboard contest. Nearly 100 riders took part at the contest from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Here are the results!

1 Ville Wester (Copenhagen)
2 Gard Hvaara (Malmö/Norway)
3 Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg (Malmö)

1 Ville Rockäng (Borås)
2 Kalle Berglind (Malmö)
3 Herman Möller (Malmö)

1 Sarah Meurle (Malmö)
2 Emma Lindgren (Malmö/Stockholm)
3 Mimmi Leckius (Lund)

Trooper of the day: William Persson (Malmö)
Best trick: Magnus Kreiberg (Copenhagen)



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