Vert Wars 2014 : results & video – UK


On the 31st october and 1st november at the Adrenaline Alley Park in Corby, England was held the Vert Wars 2014! Here are the results!

photo gallery, more results and video are HERE

official FB page

Pro/am Results:
1. Ivan Frederico
2. Jake Anderson
3. Matty Carlisle
4. Jesse Thomas
5. El Rico Carmago

Juniors results:
1. Alex Griffiths
2. Finley Kirkby
3. Rio O’Byrne
4. Callum Waterton
5. Kieran Waterton
6. Marley Tong
7. Cam Marlow
8. Reuben Marlow

Masters Results:
1. Chris Hudson
2. Leon Adams
3. Phillip Bock
4. Kieth Easom
5. Mat Marlow
6. Jon Nixon
7. Peter Leader

High Air
Juniors – Kieran Waterton – 4ft
Adults – Jesse Thomas – 8ft

Best trick : Matty Carlisle – fakie 720



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