3rd Annual WUB Open : results – AUSTRIA

wub open

On the 3rd and 4th october at the WUB Halle in Innsbruck, Austria was held the third edition of the WUB Open skateboard contest. Here are the results.

photo gallery here

1 Patrik Pittl (XDouble, DC, Plan B, Destructo)
2 Norbert Weitenbacher  (Muckefuck, XDouble, Emerica)
3 Alban Millaku  (Muckefuck, XDouble, DC)
4 Santino Exenberger  (Pilotto, Muckefuck, Servant, LRG)
5 Thomas Graf  (Vans, Skatedeluxe, Inpeddo Skatboards)
5 Patrick Hofstätter (Muckefuck, Shred Ghost, Brick Beanies, IonArt, Antiform)

Results of the 1st day Unsponsored:
1 Lenni Pfeiffer
2 Patrick Schager
3 Kris Haveaux
4 Remo Rossi
5 David Kronbichler
6 Franco Exenberger
7 Leon Karoly
1 Gregor Senfter
2 Tim Griffel
3 Deniz Topcu
4 Philipp Rossi
5 Andreas Moser
6 Sinisa Radu
7 Neven Besic
8 Kristjan Jovic
9 Luca Cadava
1 Fabian Trojer
2 Marco Pittl
3 Marcel Mair
4 Thomas Posch
5 Peter Mader
6 Damian Engl
7 Gabriel Mösel
8 Manuel Mayr
9 David Fürböck
10 Markus Schmelzer
11 Emanual Watschinger
12 Manuel Pesendorfer
13 Manuel Seifriedsberger

Best (and only) Girl:
Anna Schneyder

Wildcards for saturday:
Marco Pittl
Gregor Senfter
Fabian Trojer
Lenni Pfeiffer

Rider Of The Day (Red Bull MOBILE phone and contract):
Lenni Pfeiffer


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