KDC Kimberly Dimond Cup 2014 in live streaming !!!

Kimberly Diamond Cup is a Skateboarding Revolution with an adrenaline packed week of events comprised of World Skateboarding’s Grand Prix’s Professional Championship. Leading up to the Professional Competition are the Pro-Tours, the Grand Slams and the clinics. These events snowball into an exciting atmosphere for the local communities with music concerts, prizes and skating paraphernalia that is donated to the local youths. The event is taking place from the 2nd ot the 5th october in  in Kimberley ,South Africa at the Kumba skate plaza.
Kimberley Diamond Cup is part of the World Skateboarding Grand Prix’s mission to provide a positive activity that inspires youths, gets them active, keeps them off the streets, away from crime and creates a new generation of athletes. Our goal is to bring skateboarding to communities around the world and work in partnership with local governments and entities to leave permanent skate parks behind.


official page www.kimberleydiamondcup.com

 fb page www.facebook.com/KimberleyDiamondCup


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