PlayStation 4 COS Cup 2014 – 4th round Kassel : final results & video – GERMANY

coscup kassel
From the 12th to the 14th september at the Mr. Wilson Skatehalle in Kassel was held the 4th round of the Club of Skaters CUP (COS CUP). Here are the results and the video report by Monster Skateboard Magazin!

STREET top 10

1 Octavio Trindade
2 Florian Westers
3 Alex Mizurov
4 Patrick Rogalski
5 Christoph Radtke
6 Alexander Ullmann
7 Farid Ulrich
8 Maximilian Panhans
9 Alex Denkiewicz
10 Christian Neidhardt

BOWL top 10
1 Tom Schulze
2 Tom Tieste
3 Lenni Janssen
4 Farid Ulrich
5 Fabian Kutscha
6 Christian Krause
7 Bastian Conrad
8 Julius Dittmann
9 Leon Rüb
10 Patrick Rogalski

more results and videos HERE

coscup2014 Kassel



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