Italian championship 2014 – 1st round : CIS Bolzano results & video – ITALY

The past weekend (6th and 7th september) at the Platza Skatepark in Bolzano was held the 1st round of the Italian skateboard championship. Here you have the results and video report.

Girl Street
1 Asia Lanzi
2 Catarina Noivirt
3 Raffaella Costa

Junior Street
1 Phillip Rossi
2 Francesco Belfiore
3 Davide Holzknecht

1 Ivan Federico
2 Icaro Nardi
3 Alex Zanfei
4 Indro Martinenghi
5 Nicolai Danov

Street Senior
1 Mattia Restante
2 Ivan Federico
3 Munir Benchenna
4 Michele Salini
5 Marco Lambertucci

photos and report HERE

official FB PAGE



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