Moss Free Skate 2014 : results – NORWAY

moss free skate 2014
On the 6th september at the Moss Skatepark in Moss, Norway was held the Moss Free Skate 2014 skateboard contest. Below are the results 😉

Street Junior:
1. Henrik Hauge
2. Henrik Jørgensen
3. Tobias Aanstad
4. Jonatan Jelsø Dahl

Street Senior:
1. Magnus Røthe Bøen
2. Stian Oldren
3. Jørn Wiggo Nyberg

Best trick:
Cornelius Kase (8Nollie Bigspin Heelflip down the stairs)

Bowl jam:
1. Jørn Wiggo Nyberg
2. Ole P Nilsen
3. Christoffer Laabakk

photo gallery HERE

official FACEBOOK page



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