NORB NM 2014 : results & videos – NORWAY

NORB NM 2014
From the 31st july to the 3rd august at the Jernbaneparken in Gjøvik, Norway was held the NORB NM 2014 / Norwegian skateboard championship 2014 . Gard Hvaara is the 2014 Norwegian Champion! Hermann Stene finished 2nd after being champion three times in a row!!! Here are the results and some videos !

Senior Street
1. Gard Hvaara
2. Hermann Stene
3. Kevin Bækkel
4. Marcus Vik

senior BOWL
1. Karsten Kleppan
2. Fredrik Austbø
3. Bjarne Tjøtta

junior street
1. Oskar Hjellegjerde
2. Sondre Bratt Andøl
3. Ask Filling

junior BOWL
1. Mats Hatlem
2. Elias Nilsen
3. Heitor da Silva

game of S.K.A.T.E.
1. Øyvind Svensen
2. Oskar Hjellegjerde
3. Dan Stene


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