Habitat Skate Contest : results & video – ITALY

habitat skate contest 2014
On the 6th of july at the Habitat Skatepark in Arezzo was held the annual Habitat Skate Contest, a best trick skateboard contest divided in 4 zones of the park. Here are the results and the video report!

Best trick zone 1: Iuri Furdui fs disaster quarter to wall – 500 euro

Best Line: Ale Cesario fs 5-0 to fakie , sw lipslide flatbar and sw K-Grind curb – 500 euro

Best trick zone 2: (two first places)
Alex Cageggi bs flip on the pyramid to flat
Sandro Zacchini nollie hard flip transfert n the pyramid – 250 euro each

Best trick zone 3:(two first places)
Nikolai Danov sw hard flip over the stairs
Elmehdi Contaki fs bluntslide to fakie on the rail – 250 euro each



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