Mystic Cup 2014 : day2 – qualify results & video – CZECH REP.

Mystic cup 2014 in live streaming
Richard Tury qualified in 1st place at the Mystic cup 2014 on the street course. Alex Sorgente was the best during the bowl qualify. Here are the results and the video report!

STREET qualify TOP 10
1 Richard Tury
2 Tomas Vintr
3 Maxim Habanec
4 Vincent Milou
5 Braulio Sagas
6 Maxim Kruglov
7 Diego Cano
8 Milton Martinez
9 Jirka Hronek
10 Austen Seaholm

BOWL qualify TOP 10
1 Alex Sorgente
2 Greyson Fletcher
3 Murilo Peres
4 Pedro Barros
5 Bjorn Lillesoe
6 Vincent Matheron
7 Danny Leon
8 Stephan Boussac
9 Martin Jurasek
10 Mason Merlino

all the qualify results are HERE

all the qualify videos are HERE


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