Extreme Barcelona 2014 : results – SPAIN

extreme barcelona

On the 28th and 29th june in Spain was held the Extreme Barcelona! An International Action Sports Cup . Skateboard, BMX, FMX, MTB, Scooter, Inline, Longboard and Indoor Skydiving.The American Evan Smith won the skateboard street contest. The Dutch Tim Zom was he best of the European riders! The Girls contest winner was Candy Jacobs that finished in front of the argentinian Eugenia Ginepro and the brasilian Leticia Bufoni! Here are the results

1 Evan Smith (USA)
2 Tristan Funkhouser (USA)
3 Milton Martínez (ARG)
4 Tim Zom (NED)
5 Adrien Bulard (FRA)
6 Cyril Jackson (USA)
7 Danny León (ESP)
8 Sandro Moral (ARG)
9 Diego Cano (ESP)
10 Neverton Casella (BRA)

more results HERE

1 Jacobs Candy(NED)
2 Eugenia Ginepro (ARG)
3 Leticia Bufoni (BRA)
4 Heloise Wathelet (BEL)
5 Kristina Westad (NOR)
6 Kate Shengeliya (RUS)

detailed girls results HERE

official page with photos and videos HERE



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