Grand Prix Beroun 2014 : results & video – CZECH REP.

grandprix beroun 2014

On the 21st june in Beroun , Czech Rep. was held the annual skateboard contest called Grand Prix Beroun. The contest is every year more amazing this year with a lot of international riders. The winner of the 2014 edition was Maxim Habanec. Here are the results amd a video report.

1 Maxim Habanec
2 Luis Neto
3 Richard Tury
4 Lukas Danek
5 Roger Silva
6 Martin Pek
7 Alex Mizurov
8 Marek Stefan
9 Didrik Galasso
10 Jonathan JJP
11 Jozin Svoboda
12 Jiri Hronek
13 Ales Bubla
14 Diego Cano
15 Kristof Sarkany
16 Marek Knytl
17 Ondra Lobl

more results HERE

grandprix beroun 2014 results


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