Tomas Vintr about the Grand Prix Beroun – CZECH REP.

grandprix beroun 2014

Here is a short interview with Tomas Vintr about the Grand Prix Beroun. Tomas is a pro skateboarder from the Czech Republic , he has been on the scene for some time now, and is still gaining momentum and recognition everyday with his unique skating. He’s a longtime Pro for Vans Europe and he’s the organizer of the Grand Prix Beroun that is the biggest skateboard competition with international PRO riders in the Czech Republic!
Read the interview below to know more about this great event 😉

the interview is taken from my online magazine nr. 10, CLICK HERE and check the mag 😉

How was born the idea of the GrandPrix Beroun?
The first even was organised on may 22nd 2010 as a grand opening of the brand new concrete plaza in Beroun, the Czech Republic. Beroun is the city where i was born and lived all my childhood. The mayor of the city called me one day and said they would like to build a skatepark together with me and have the skatepark built the way i like it – under my name…. The whole event of the Grand Opening went really good and i came up with an idea of starting a contest that would give something back to the scene, celebrate the skaters and bring some good music bands to have an event for everyone – it was, still is and will be COMPLETELY FREE for spectators.

The Grand Prix Beroun is every year bigger and every year most popular. This year prizemoney will reach 7.000 USD. Which are the other news in this edition?
we have a lot of news every year – the biggest news this year are the music festival, which will be bigger and much better than the previous years, i had the opportunity to book and bring the best HIPHOP artists and performers in the Czech Republic, so we will have Johny Machette & Phoenix, INDY & LA4 (kmbl vs gyzmo) and JAMES COLE & DJ DOEMIXXX performing live on the “Live Stage” and 4 great DJs for the afterparty: DJ LU2, LUCKYBOY, NZYM and NOBODYLISTEN. We will have a bunch of other free activities such as fingerboarding tent in a professional skatepark, 17x3m skimboarding track for everyone, parkour exhibition and for the first year, a GRAFFITI JAM, where we invited the most famous graffiti artists in the Czech Republic. And finally for the skate event – I AM TRYING to bring more professional skaters from all over the World, at this moment, im trying to have Micky Papa, Greg Lutzka, Kieron Brodie, Alex Mizurov, Maxime Genin, Adrien Bulard and a bunch of others in Beroun. THIS IS GOING TO BE BIG:)))

Since there’s the “crisis”… It was hard to find the sponsors for this year’s edition?
it’s always difficult with the sponsors, but i am fighting until the last minute to make this event bigger and better than last year….. AND IT WILL BE 🙂

How much has changed for you from when you have organized the first edition until this one this year? Is nowadays so much easier for you to organize such a event?
As i mentioned, the event is growing bigger every year, so it takes more time to prepare, organise, promote, more people who are working with me, promoting, organising and just regularly working on a daily basis to make it all happen. It is becoming big, but i love it, i love to keep myself busy and i will make sure this grows bigger every year, so make sure you come watch and support us this year on the 21st of June 2014:)

How long it takes to organize an event like this?
probably close to 3 months of ACTIVE, daily work… but the entire year of promoting, talking to sponsors and much, much more:)

What differences have you noticed between the first and the last year editions ( riders tricks , participants)
more big names, more media attention, more work, obviously:) haha

As the Organizer of this awesome event can you reveal which was your favorite edition?
Definitely 2013, it was amazing…
Which is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the last year edition?
i cant even describe the feeling, really…. its pure excitement, really.

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