Back to the Streets 2014 – after the semifinals : results & video – POLAND

This weekend in the Leszno plaza in Leszno,Poland is taking place the annual Back to the Streets skateboard contest.Yesterday was the day for the qualify and semifinals. Today the 10 best skaters will skate the finals +there will be the Girl Jam and the Nixon Best trick contest! Amazing contest and awesome riders in the finals today. Here are the results of the semifinals:

1 Ryo Sejiri (Japan) FINALIST
2 Riso Tury (Slovakia) FINALIST
3 Maxim Habanec (Czech Republic) FINALIST
4 Gard Hvaara (Norway) FINALIST
5 Tomas Vintr (Czech Republic)FINALIST
6 Diego Fiorese (Brazi) FINALIST
7 Martin Pek (Czech Republic) FINALIST
8 Andreas R. Larsen (Denmark) FINALIST
9 Andrzej Podsiadło (Poland) FINALIST
10 Danny Leon (Spain) FINALIST
11 Tomas Nalevka
12 Honza Kesler
13 Lukasz Kuza
14 Dominik Jaworowski
15 Daniel Vojtas
16 Krzysztof Kozlowski
17 Lukas Danek
18 Jakub Rozbicki
19 Kacper Jakobczyk
20 Jan Zborowski
21 Milosz Sikora
22 Jakub Piejko
23 Piotr Ebert
24 Daniil Platonov
25 Marek Knytl
26 Dawid Cybula
27 David Rezniček
28 Dawid Tran Van

btts 14 semifinals



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