4th round French Championship 2014 : finals results & videos – FRANCE

gujan french champ
On the 3rd and 4th may at the skatepark de Gujan-Mestras, France was held the 4th round of the French Skateboard championship 2014 – Championnat de France de Skateboard. Here are the results and the video report:)

—- Finals STREET ——-
1 Laurent Gence
2 Vincent Milou
3 Georgeous Poole
4 Vincent Gros
5 Sebastian Simon

1 Sylvain Quarmenil
2 Christophe Dias Sampaio
3 David Renou

YOUTH (16-17)
1 Joseph Garbaccio
2 Robin Bolian
3 Amelien Foures
4 Hugo Corbim

JUNIOR (-16)
1 Hugo Rauch
2 Mehdi Mercier
3 Daniel PortoRaya

1 Laurine Lemieux
2 Amandine Grisot
3 Jeanne Duval

more results and photos HERE


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