Oslo Games 2014 : final results & videos – NORWAY

Oslo Games 2014 Ross
From the 24 to the 26 april at the Furuset Forum in Oslo (Norway) was held the Oslo Games 2014 ,skateboarding and BMX big contest. The winner of the 2014 edition is Ross McGouran !The brazilian Diego Fiorese won the best trick in the run with a Switch 270 lip slide the handrail and the 7-eleven Best trick contest with a nollieflip board slide the handrail! Here are the final results and videos 🙂

1 Ross McGouran (GBR)
2 Phil Zwijsen (BEL)
3 Gard Hvaara (NOR)
4 Diego Fiorese (BRA)
5 Rene Willumsen (DEN)
6 Jonas Daater (DEN)
7 Herman Stene (NOR)
8 Jonathan Thijs (BEL)
9 Jan Henrik Kongstein (NOR)
10 Karsten Kleppan (NOR)
11 Ewen Bower (GBR)
12 Filip Almqvist (SWE)
13 Jonatan Drab (NOR)
14 Josef Scott Jatta (SWE)
15 Daryl Dominguez (GBR)
16 Emil Harhøyj (DEN)
17 Bjarne Tjøtta (NOR)
18 Steffen Barisheim (NOR)

Best trick in run
Diego Fiorese Switch 270 lip slide the handrail – 250 eu
Jonas Daater ollie lateshuv from long distance bank over bar – 250 eu

Best slam
Rene Willumsen – 250 eu

7-eleven Best trick contest
Diego Fiorese, nollieflip board slide the handrail – 1000 eu

more results ,videos & photos HERE



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