interview with David López about DyK Wear


DYK is a clothing brand, born in Barcelona. Here is the interview with David López, one of the founders of DYK wear. Read the interview to know more about this very nice brand.

the interview is taken from my online magazine nr.5 CLICK HERE and read the magazine

DYK wear was born in Barcelona in the 2009 . Tell us a bit how everything started nad who’s involved in this project.
DYK was born out of our passion for this sport, where there are so many sensations involved. With our clothes we want to offer styles that have modern designs, are comfortable and 100% made by us.
DYK was formed for skaters and snowboarders, always keeping in mind the comfort of our clothes.

Are you happy with how things are progressing in this adventure?
Yes, we are very happy with how our product is coming out, each day we grow as a brand.

When you’ve gone down this road you made a specific plan that you can follow now or you have had to change your plans a bit?
When you start a project you have to have a clear idea of what you want, but as in life, there are moments when you have to improvise.

Who’s designing the apparel graphics and logos?
The idea of the designs comes from the excitement of past experiences in my life. All that happiness and joy that I have felt was then translated by the designers onto our designs.

With which of your clothing articles you are more proud?
We are proud of all our clothes. All of them are created through the same process, but we are most proud of the fact that we make our own products from start to finish.


Do you have any new products releasing in the near future?
Right now we are concentrating on the summer campaign, but this winter there may be some surprises.

You have a skateboard and a snowboard team .Tell us about your riders. Who’s in your team this year?
Team DYK is formed by David Casad, who is a skater, Pau Dominguez, also a skater, Leire Garcia, who is a snowboarder and Kiko Rodriguez, who is a skater and snowboarder.

What qualities will you be looking for in a skater when it comes to sponsorships?
We are not looking for a concrete characteristic, it is their way of living their passion for this sport, which we value.

Plans for the 2014
Our plans are to carry on in this direction, to be at events, create clothes with our own style, carry on growing as a brand and to provide by our means for skaters and snowboarders.

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