interview with Alex DeCunha

Alex DeCunha is a young English talent from Milton Keynes. He’s only 17 but he has made talk about him already from the beginning of his career. A few weeks ago he presented his winter edit for Jart skateboards & Quicksilver and Bucks Boarding center. The video was filmed and edited by Andrius Burba. Alex is growing up very well and I think we will hear a lot about him in a near future…

THE INTERVIEW IS TAKEN FROM MY 3rd Online Magazine (February 2014) Click HERE if you want to check the mag 😉


First of all ,tell us how did you get into skating?
I saw a skate demo near where I live in the city and it made me want to get a skateboard, so my dad got me one and i started getting into it properly when I was 6 years old

You are from Milton Keynes how is skating there?
Its actually really good, its mainly for street skating as we dont really have many parks, but we have lots of nice ledges and stairs to skate all around the city, there’s a lot of good indoor spots too but security there aren’t very welcoming to skateboarders haha

Already in the beginning of your career you were recognized as a talent (2008 Kids Who Rip in Seattle)
That was fun haha, it was filmed for the internet, i got to go skate Seattle too and meet up with Mitchie Brusco, he showed me around some great places to skate there

(2009 12 year old skateboarding wonder kid smashes the world record for the most amount of no comply flips). How much has changed the Alex from the 2008 to the Alex of 2014?
That was just a random thing haha, it wasn’t anything serious, just a fun thing to film for TV and getting to go to different countries while I was doing it, I wouldn’t say its changed me at all, it was just cool getting the chance to skate different places, I got to skate an amazing park in Italy

What about skateboarding caught your eye?
I’m not too sure exactly haha, but it just looked like something I wanted to do, when I started I found it fun and I still do after 10 years, so that’s always a good sign!

What inspired you to stay with it? Who inspired you?
Because all of my friends skate its really easy to stay with it and have fun, it’s a lifestyle choice for all of us, we skate every day after school haha

You are sponsored by Quicksilver from the beginning and now you are a Jart flow rider. How these collaborations have started?
Quiksilver first noticed me at a skate jam in London, they offered to take me to Sweden to a skate event, and 6 months later I was on the team, they’re a great company, and Jart is all thanks to my local shop sponsor BBCMK, but I’ve been to Spain and went to the Jart factory to meet the guys, everyone there are such nice people, and the factory was amazing!

Your favorite skatemovie?
The DC video was definitely my favourite to watch I guess, I dont really watch many, maybe I should haha

Favorite 2013 videopart?
I dont really watch many as Im out skating all the time

Who is your favorite skater?
I wouldn’t say I have a favourite skater, but I admire Sean Malto, and David Gonzalez’ Fade to Black part was insane

Do you follow the UK scene? Who are some of your favourite UK skaters from over the years?
I don’t really follow the UK scene haha, but it was Lee Blackwell who inspired me to start skating when I saw him skate at the demo where I live all those years ago

Your setup?
Jart 7.75 deck, Iron trucks, Jart 54’ wheels, Jart bearings

A few weeks ago I saw your winter edit by Andrius Burba . Was filmed only in Milton Keynes? Which is your favorite spot there?
He did a great job on that edit, I’m happy with how that came out, Andrius is an amazing filmer and editor. It was mainly filmed in Milton Keynes, however the park footage was filmed when we took a coach to Oxford. But my favourite spot in the video is the indoor spot known as John Lewis, the only problem there is security, but the ledges are so perfect!

With which of the tricks in your last edit you’re more happy?
I guess I’m happy with how the Manny stuff has come out, it felt good to land the long mose Manny to lip, to land in Manny then pop up into another Manny to do a flip out.

What’s next for you personally? Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years?
I honestly have no idea haha! Definitely going to carry on skating, I dont seem to plan much, just go with the flow! I’m in talks for a TV presenting opportunity that involves skateboarding and will be talking contracts next week, I’m looking forward to that

Describe your idea of a perfect day
A lot of days in the summer are so good, skating with friends in the hot weather, then later in the day going to a river and chilling there for a while, I can’t wait for summer!

Plans for the next months?
I’ve just done a screen test for the TV presenting opportunity and I’m planning to skate maybe Germany next month, possibly Berlin for a street skating edit

Any last words?
Skateboarding has brought me so many opportunities with random TV appearances, through to travelling the world, I filmed an edit out in Japan last year and have met so many amazing people through things like the guiness word records show and just skating in general. I feel lucky to have the amazing sponsors I have and BBCMK skate shop have looked after me since the age of 7 and I’ll always be grateful to them for it. Jart are like one big family and quicksilver have looked after me so well for so many years now. Love what I’m doing and hope to carry on doing it for many years, injury free haha




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