Skate Agenda Online magazine : nr.3

skate agenda mag 3

First of all , I want to thank all the readers of the 1st and 2nd issues. Second I want to thank all the people that liked my facebook page and all the skaters who have collaborated with me and that have wasted a bit of their time for helping me to start this project 🙂
Here I’m with the 3rd issue , someone may think that I’m too fast , but the reason that I publish every 2 weeks is that I don’t want to wait too much if i have ready the stuff. In this issue i have added a new section called “OLD STUFF” . In this section you will find some “old” interviews from the 2013 that I have made on my website 🙂
Why keep you waiting if you don’t need? I think it’s better give you 40 pages every 2 weeks than 100 pages in one month or two…and i’m sorry for my English (maybe you will find some grammatical errors) , but it’s the only international language that I know 😉

in the 3rd issue:
interview with Alex DeCunha
Sean James about the Perus Crew movie
+ a new section “old stuff from the 2013” :
Flo Mirtain after the Vans Downtown Showdown 2013
Jarne Verbruggen about his part in the Element video HOLD IT DOWN

keeping it real and support the European skateboarding scene!
Skate Agenda 3/2014




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