Mikolaj Baranowski about Locals Skateboards


Locals Skateboards manufacture was founded in 2010 by Mikolaj Baranowski, a long-serving skater, granted with a Skater Of The Year award by Info-magazine. Experience gained during all these years of pushing on the skateboard, led him to a decision of creating the first professional skateboard manufacture in Poland. Thanks to the hundred of hours spent on riding and breaking skateboards, gives a good dose of expertise how to built a durable board which is going measure up to Polish skateboarders expectations.

the interview is taken from my online magazine nr.2 CLICK HERE and read the whole magazine

First of all , tell us when and how did you first get into skateboarding?

I guess I started skating about 13 years ago

Favorite riders?

John Cardiel, Dan Drehobl, Jason Adams

What aspect of skateboarding do you enjoy the most?

I love all aspect of skateboarding .Life is too short to limit ourself. But recently i am focused on transition skateboarding(bowls pools , miniramp) . My right knee is shity(ater two surgery) and i can’t jump stairs

Are you skateing nowadays?

Yes . I am still skating . I am not so old ;). I am still feel progressing . I have big satisfaction of skating!!!


(Mikolaj Baranowski/wallride)

Now , about Locals Skateboards…Locals is not only a skateboard company but it’s the first professional skateboard manufacture in Poland. Tell us a bit about how this adventure was born…How did the idea of starting this company come about? Explain what inspired you to start this company.

I have been skating for years and it’s been always a dream of mine to do something connected to this. I was wandering if I am able do a skateboard on my own. It was 5 years ago when I started thinking more and more about manufacturing boards. I read a lot about wood strength  watched many movies about this. After one year I’ve decided to defeat my demon.

Why is it called Locals ?

When I started skating it was not as popular as it is now. It was more local than global. We used to skate in our own, local spots. I wanted to create a brand for small comunities of skaters all around the Europe, so they can order small quantities with their own design and shape. When ordering our boards you know this is made by skaters not skate corporations.

578694_467970549888195_2083715230_n 538946_572420866109829_269495997_n

For your boards you use only 7 layers of Canadian maple  have you ever think to change a layer and add one of technical fabrics?

So far we use 7 layers of high quality, hard canadian maple, but at the same time we work on something completely new with use of fiber glass. Hope we can release some new stuff shortly.

Who’s in your team at the moment?

It’s one of your ideas to widen even more your brand/team in other European countries or USA?

I support 8 skaters and definitely one of best skaters in Poland. In my team are 3 talented young skaters. They will messing in the scene in near future.

We founded the indor skatepark “Boneless’’ in our town and we do organize and sponsor many contests not only localy, but in the whole Poland. Our “Fuck yeah jam“ is one of the bests underground sktebording contest in the eastern Poland.

Do you have any new products releasing in the near future “2014“ ?

There is a plan to release a limited edition of Locals branded clothing. Designs for board, caps, t-shirts and hoodies will come underground designer fro Italy – Papada. You may know him from designs for Confusion magazine.

We are focused to make good skateboards . This is our main target.

Best memories from the 2013?

When I opened a container from China where I was supposed to find my brand new termo – transfer machine for skatebords and it was actually there 🙂

What are your plans for the future .. tour? A video for the next year?

This spring I’m going to buy video camera and we’re going to make our own footage of 2014. This will be even better than the one we made in 2012

Do you have any advice for the young ones who would like to start a skate company of their own? What virtue would you say is very important in getting into the skate business?

You can always give it a try , but remmember it is always harder than easier 🙂

Nowadays the attitude of the skateboarders, the public, and even major corporations towards the skate culture are constantly changing. Where do you think skateboarding is headed?

It will not take long for skaters to come back to the their roots, stop watching tv and posting shit on facebook, come up with their own tricks in local conditions, as this is the only real skateboarding. Skatebording comes from small skate companies, was developed by people not technology and marketing. Made by skaters for sketers!!! We drink to the bottom!!

In your personal opinion, how has the skateboarding scene in your country changed over the years and what is it like now?

Things are getting better. We have more spots, more people join us to skate (which is both good and bad). We are not far from european level. Anyway  I’m more into what we had 10 years ago when people were focused on skateboarding it self. We used to skate together for real not on facebook. Tricks were worse but times were better!!

Any last words?

Wherever you’ve been whatever you’ve drunk… welcome back home kid!!

Ave Locals



wall boneless 2
(Mikolaj Baranowski/wallride)


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