Skate Agenda Online biweekly magazine

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I have decided to start a new “adventure”. I think that you will like it. Like it or not , i will start with a online magazine. A FREE magazine that will be ONLY ONLINE . Inside I will publish the most important news from the EUROPEAN skateboarding scene , skate contests reports and interviews with skaters and European companies. The mag will be published once every two weeks .
On the 1st issue i have published some “old” interviews made a few month ago for my website and for this reason has many more pages than I had imagined…there will be also a brand new itw about the 1st Marble Skatepark in the World with Simone Verona.
By the way , I have already some new interviews ready for the next issue.
Skate or f**k off and WTF why not try this adventure for advertising ,enlarging and to know a little better the European skateboarding scene… I’m ready for that ship… Skate or f**k off !

Support the European scene , European companies and Keeping it real forever!


Skate Agenda 1/2014


2 thoughts on “Skate Agenda Online biweekly magazine

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