1st round French Championship 2014 : qualify results – FRANCE

French Championship 2014 1st round
This weekend (25-26 january) is taking place the 1st round of the French Skateboard championship 2014 – Championnat de France de Skateboard. The contest is held at the Skatepark Le Hangar in Nantes, France. Here are the results of the qualification. Today is the day of the finals!

JUNIORS (-16) qualified for the finals
Romain Dubourg
Loris Baccilleri
Hugo Rauch
William Raison
Noah Mauhieu
Hugo Rekika
Medhi Mercier
Nicolas Beduneau
Arthur Van Proeyen
Guillaume Laurie
Max Berguin
Valentin Bru

YOUTH (16-18) qualified for the finals
Joseph Garbaccio
Martin Le Clair
Thibault Gortina
Paul Gabelli
Steven Jean
Nathan Suarez
Edouard Damestoy
Hugo Corbin
Louis Poole
Sofiane Agoudal
Alexis Chaussumier
Pierre Dec

SENIORS (+18) qualified for the finals
Joris Brichet
Edouard Fontaine
Simon Leaute
Benjamin Garcia
Pierre Garnier
Adrien Bulard
Lopes Melvil
Vincent Milou
Anthony Boudard
Pierre Delacrose
Alex Serer
Nicolas Dewasmes
Damien Rubis
Pierre Vanel
Maxim Nicolas


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